AutoZap 5 Instructions

Need help using the zapper? Here is our Zapper instructions archiveBasic Zapper Use

AutoZap 5 Instructions

NEW! We have updated all of our AutoZap 5 zappers to include snap connectors instead of alligator clips.

The Zapper Instructions gallery will be in place shortly; in the meantime, please view the DVD instructional video (included with every AutoZap 5 zapper) to obtain the most from your zapper.

Zapper Instructional Video

These are the instructions we include on the DVD sent with every Wellness System  (or zapper, if purchased separately).

Best Zapper Wellness System video contents:

  • Zapper Instructions, how to use the various modes available on your AutoZap 5 Super-fast Hulda Clark Zapper
  • Correct SuperStraps operation with the zapper
  • Zappicator Instructions, how to connect the Zappicator to the Zapper
  • Additional information you may not have seen on our website