Zapper Instructions – Footpads

Zapper Instructions:

Make Your Own Footpads

1. You may use foot pads with your AutoZap™ instead of the SuperStraps or handholds. Foot pads are pieces of aluminum kitchen foil about 4″ x 12″ (100 mm x 300 mm). I usually fold the foil double, starting with an 8” x 12” piece. For permanent pads, 4″ x 12″ pieces of 24-28 gauge (0.5 mm) stainless steel, aluminum, copper or brass sheet metal also work well.

Place the foot pads side by side, not touching each other, on a waterproof surface (a plastic bag or old dish drainer is fine) or the floor. Attach one copper clip to each pad. Fold two squares of paper towel in half. Put one folded square on each pad, and dampen each with a teaspoon of warm water. Place your feet on top and press Start. The cycle proceeds as usual, with your hands free. Hint – use foot pads while at your computer or TV: the time will fly.

2. Foot pads can also be used with pets. Simply place the footpads on a waterproof surface, and dampen the paper towel on each footpad. Then lay the pet across both footpads so that the haunches are over one pad and the forelegs are over the other pad. Press the Start button, and check the top green light to make sure it is brightly lit. If it is not glowing, check that the wires and copper clips are firmly connected. If they are, and the light is still out, try dampening the pads with more warm water. Some pets with long fur are harder to connect with.

See our demo video and learn how to make easy footpads for your zapper:

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