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Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper - the AutoZap 5 Super-fast Zapper

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Got 5 minutes for your health?

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Use the Super-fast AutoZap 5 Hulda Clark Zapper RISK-FREE

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“Thank you for being so helpful. These little zappers are certainly great – never get the flu or a cold at all.” –B.G., Parson, B.C.

“My family and I are really enjoying using our Auto Zap 5 and FreeCoil 8 SuperZappicator. You explain it very clearly and simply, and it IS so easy to use! The Auto Zap 5 is so easy to program, even my husband and 8 year old remember which buttons to push for what function! Everyone in the house gets to “Zap” and use “The Black Book” [SuperZappicator] once a day! I am especially pleased with the results so far. Pardon the details, as I am a private person, but I did pass quite a large worm of some sort AND a large fluke the very day after I first used the Zappicator, just like I read in your material! MONTHS of herbal programs … did not produce this kind of results!” Ashli, Phoenix AZ

The super-fast AutoZap 5™ is the Hulda Clark zapper designed for a
LIFETIME of Self Health for you, your family and even your pets.

It costs less than a couple of days off work, sick.

Or a couple visits to a naturopath. Or one typical vet bill.

And it only takes FIVE minutes a day.

Why not get going, right now?

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For busy people – be done zapping before you know it!

AutoZap 5 with SuperStraps

Our exclusive super-fast five-minute cycle is 12 times faster than any other Hulda Clark zapper.

Our unique technology really can do a full zapping cycle in five minutes flat.  Kids like that, as do pets and busy people.

In just one year of zapping this will save you more than 350 hours when compared to the classic 7 minute on / 20 minute off / 7 on /20 off / 7 on cycle.

No AutoZap sale is final until YOU are satisfied.

Unlike any other zapper supplier, we invite you to USE the AutoZap 5 risk free, as much as you wish for a full year. Use it every day, as often as you need. If you are not DELIGHTED with it, simply return it for a refund (except for the consumable wristbands). No hard feelings!

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Still wondering what a Zapper does, or how it can help? Get the Hulda Clark Action Plan (Free eBook) and get started with Self Health… TODAY!

Want to build your own zapper?

Try the Big-Zap zapper: a free 20-person zapper design for the Third World.

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“Beloved, I desire above all that you may prosper and be in health, as your soul prospers.” 3 John 2


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