AutoZap 5 Hulda Clark Zapper

Teaching you to live safely and naturally using the tools and technology of Dr. Hulda Clark

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Here’s What People Love About the AUTOZAP 5 ZAPPER

People LOVE the 5-minute zapping cycle.

They love the reliability given by our SenseAlert light, which instantly shows you that you have good electrical contact and you’re good to go!

People who love the AutoZap 5 are often:

  • Exposed to crowds or playgrounds
  • Exposed to germs
  • Going to school or university
  • Working in public places or stores 
  • Families with children
  • People who love pets
  • Traveling to other countries
  • Working in hospitals or living in care homes
  • Experiencing stress
  • People who are keeping a strong immune system.

The Zapper is for all of us!

FIVE MINUTES …. and you’re done!


Dr. Hulda Clark first introduced the Zapper in her book “The Cure for All Diseases” as part of her anti-parasite protocol.  Her research drew the link between parasites, toxic chemicals and disease. Dr. Hulda Clark also used herbal detox methods in cleansing the body organs, and eliminating toxic chemicals.

The Zapper became her key tool in detox and recovery.

The Zapper is defined by Dr. Hulda Clark as a battery operated DC pulse generator with a positive output amplitude of 5 to 10 volts (open circuit) and a frequency between 10 Hz and 500 KHz (10 to 500,000 pulses per second), with a current limited output and a 0.25 volt positive offset.

After years of research and diligent testing, the AutoZap 5 is still unmatched by any other zapper you can find.  It is genuinely different, new AND improved technology and because  it “hooks into” the body more effectively, you only need 5 minutes of zapping.

The AutoZap 5 Zapper is a safe, effective tool to wake up your amazing immune system.  You cannot feel its gentle output pulses, but your body knows exactly what to do.

We meet all of Dr. Clark’s specs precisely and, thanks to the microprocessor controller, we can also offer Dr. Clark’s original “classic” 63-minute interval cycle as an additional preset. We know you will be delighted.

AutoZap 5 Zapper control unit



  • Time Saver – 5 Minutes and you’re done
  • Start and stop easily with the press of a button
  • 5 Preset Cycles standard

Intelligent Design

  • Sense Alert Light – green light shows you have good contact
  • Automatic pre-test. It won’t start unless everything is OK.
  • Low Battery Alert

A Safe & Effective Tool

  • Battery operated DC signal generator
  • Protected against shock and static electricity
  • Long battery life (save over 350 hrs/yr if you Zap once a day vs. other Zappers.)

The Integrated Wellness System

Now, thanks to Dr. Hulda Clark, we have a SECRET WEAPON… is the AutoZap 5 Integrated Wellness System package, with the most advanced parasite zapping technology available.

It’s the result of over five years of field testing, this system has transformed Hulda Clark zapping.


The Magnetic Accessory powered by the AutoZap 5.

Clean up your food and body with the FreeCoil Flex Zappicator – the SECOND part of the Integrated Wellness System.  We have extended Dr. Clark’s technology to benefit both the body and pets.

     We have pioneered a new way to transfer the zapper signal to the north pole magnetic field. Our FreeCoil system ensures more even field strength and coverage of both food and the body. The FreeCoil Flex Zappicator is designed for durability and flexibility.


With the AutoZap 5, you’ll save over 300 hours of your time every year if you zap once per day, compared to other zappers!


Use the AutoZap 5 to zap your house pet the easy way and get started with the Hulda Clark Protocol.

Pet Zapper in use


AutoZap 5 and the SuperZappicator has worked wonders … it has successfully treated my lower back pain, shoulder pain, tooth abscess, stomach issues, eye infection, tinnitus (ringing in my ear) and even irradiated mucus which was trapped in my body.  This device has been a true healer.


My family and I are really enjoying using our AutoZap 5 and FreeCoil SuperZappicator.  Everyone in the house gets to “Zap”.  I did pass quite a large worm of some sort AND a large fluke the very day after I first used the Zappicator!  Now that I have the system in use, I see how gentle and yet deeply beneficial it is.”


I am just sitting here at work realizing how happy I am and so grateful for my Zapper.  With flu season upon us, plus the added swine flu threat, I know that I have my own little insurance policy at home.  THANK YOU again and again!!  Here’s hoping your inspirations are never ceasing!  (Hugs)



How Often Should I use the AutoZap 5?

Dr. Clark recommended daily use for the first month, and at least twice a week after that. We use it every other day for maintenance.  

For someone with a serious health challenge, feel free to zap more than once a day. Listen to your body. Start off with just once a day at the beginning, and then as you get used to it, you can zap several times a day, or do extended zapping.

Find a way that works well for you, and do it regularly. You can zap any time.

Will I Feel Something Using the Zapper?

You should not feel anything while using the Zapper. Rarely, someone who is hyper-sensitive feels a sensation but it is only momentary. The zapper is safe. Do not rely on a tingling sensation to tell you that the Zapper is working.

A ‘feeling’ is not an indication that the zapper is working. The Auto Zap 5 zapper has a red and amber mode, with green SenseAlert contact light as the indicator that you are getting a good connection with your body.

Can I use the Zapper while on Medication?

Yes. It will not conflict with medications.

Will the Hulda Clark Zapper cure my disease?

We are not doctors and do not make claims to treat or cure disease. There are also no magic bullets. Drugs, radiation or chemotherapy do not cure disease and in fact, in efforts to kill disease they also kill good cells and your own immunity which is necessary for you to recover from disease.

Dr. Hulda Clark’s taught that your body actually wants to rebuild and cure itself of disease as you rid yourself of parasites and all toxicity, doing body cleanses, supplying good nutrition, and boosting your body’s own immunity and defenses through using the Zapper and Zappicator.

We provide support for those who are following Hulda Clark’s approach. Begin with our free download located at, and get started today. See our customer feedback at The most comprehensive book for starting out is The Cure for All Diseases, understanding Hulda Clark’s mindset and the need to change your lifestyle. Use the Zapper and Zappicator for at least 3 – 6 months while you implement the Hulda Clark lifestyle changes.


Wake up your Immune System FAST

Faster Zapping than ever before

Over 12 times faster! Five minutes flat, and you are DONE, with no loss of effectiveness! No rest periods, no waiting, no compromise! Amazingly, this cycle gets these results while applying a lot less power than any other zapper cycle. The output fully meets Dr. Hulda Clark’s specifications and has the 0.25 volt DC offset she required.  And you NEVER need a diagnosis or have to program the device: just press button A.

Five Preset Cycles

are standard on the Auto-Zap 5.  You asked for presets for food zappicating, body zappicating, and a full hour constant ON.  The AutoZap 5 gives you ALL of these.

Extremely reliable design

we used only premium parts to give the AutoZap 5 a design life of 50 years.  That estimate is based on 25 cycles of use per day!

Simple Operation

if you can push a button once, twice or three times, you have already mastered operating the advanced technology AutoZap 5!  An LED lights red, green or yellow to show you exactly what it is doing.  We use a microprocessor to make things easier, not harder.

Conductive accessories guarantee solid contact

with every AutoZap 5 zapper! They guarantee comfort, convenience and an excellent connection as you use the AutoZap 5. You can even zap while you brush your teeth!

**NEW in 2023 – SuperCuffs are now available!

The longest risk-free trial period ever offered

one full YEAR (excluding SuperCuffs, Gloves or Footpads which are personal use items).  Of course, our full five-year warranty applies to parts and labor.

Many more improvements

we added constant 10-volt output (that gives 1000 five-minute cycles from just two AA batteries), and a beeper silence mode (for use at night or in hospital) and more.

BestZapper was born near Vancouver, Canada, within sight of great Mt. Baker pictured above in the header.

Here Arthur Doerksen designed the world’s first automatic Hulda Clark Zapper. The video stories you see above are the heart and soul of who we are.

For detailed information see our FAQ and good info right on this page.


–The Best Zapper team

Wake up the Sleeping Giant within you!”  by our founder, Arthur Doerksen. Click the picture for our story.