The Birth of Best Zapper

When we are experiencing a trauma or life-shattering event, we can’t fully comprehend until it has passed, how we have been changed forever by that event. That was truly the case in our family when my husband was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 36.

Lyn Doerksen
Arthur with a durian fruit

Before I tell you about the details of Best Zapper and how it began, let me tell you our personal story that led to the development of this great discovery.

It was late one evening in 1987 when my husband picked up the ringing telephone to hear Dr. McCammon tell him that the pathology report on a suspicious lump on his back was very bad, and he needed to come in the next day to discuss a plan of immediate action. Malignant melanoma, level 3, was what we were told.

Life was suddenly a big blur, and very heavy. Playing ‘tent’ with the kids under the table relieved the stress of thinking about it. We both were in a state of shock. Stunned, we didn’t know what to do. Arthur was given a poor prognosis, with 50% chance of living 5 years. That was if he had surgery and lymph node resection.

However, after having seen the route of surgery and radiation his mother had endured with her many cancers, Arthur was hesitant. He realized that his hope of survival did not lie with conventional methods. He wasn’t sure what to do, but agreed to the idea I proposed of boosting his immune system. Here’s what Arthur wrote:

I went to a surgeon who recommended a five-inch circular full depth excision and dissection of the lymph nodes under my left arm, followed by radiation and chemo. When I rejected his “cut, burn and poison,” he put enormous pressure on my wife, Lyn, to persuade me. We instead contacted the Cancer Control Society, and began intensive research on alternative cancer therapies. Though I had been well versed in medical technology and pharmacology, a cursory survey of the effectiveness of conventional treatments showed that “modern medical science” was losing the war on cancer at an alarming rate (see the details: click here).

Arthur Doerksen, P.Eng.

Our friend, Marie, showed up at our door with some Vitamin C and a book “Crackdown on Cancer”. We read it and it made sense. Boosting the immune system seemed like a better option than removal of it. We were ready to do whatever it took to learn and understand natural routes to letting the body heal itself. I was in agreement and supportive of whatever route Arthur wanted to take, although I was quite skeptical. I had zero knowledge of alternatives to the conventional approach.

With Marie’s help and encouragement we bought a juicer and began to juice carrots by the sack full. With our limited knowledge, we tried to increase our vegetables and fruit intake. We read books, talked to people who were overcoming cancer, and took supplements. We moved across Canada, with our 4 young children, to the west coast to be near family just in case we needed help.

We did not know about flooding our body with vegetables and fruits, eating the rainbow variety of colors, eliminating toxicity from our home, getting rid of parasites, and the list goes on. We only really knew about juicing carrots and avoiding packaged and canned foods, laden with additives, artificial colors, preservatives, etc.

We Moved West

In the west coast we had a supportive family, Arthur regained his strength, looked healthy, and worked long hours in electronic repair and troubleshooting. We established ourselves and continued our pursuit of health, but looking back on it, we knew so little. None of our family knew anything about cancer recovery through natural means.

Arthur spread his entrepreneurial wings to begin electronic troubleshooting in industry, pursued PC board design and innovation, research and development, as well as carrying his scope and tool box to manufacturing companies who called on his expertise. He was an expert at diagnosing CNC controlled machines, PC board problems, and all types of electronic equipment. He excelled as a creative problem solver in industry. He eventually served with the local Association of Professional Engineers, sat on the Advisory Planning Commission for our city, and other boards where he could contribute and be helpful.

During this time I ground organic wheat, baked our bread, cooked porridge every morning, made our own yogurt, grew a garden. We did not know the principles of acid and alkaline balance, healthy gut, avoiding dairy, or eating primarily a plant-based diet. I did not know about superfoods with high mineral content or necessity of exercise. Life could have been so different if we had known then what we know now.

My mother’s family history was riddled with cancer: she had five different types of cancer on five different occasions. Before she was married she lost her right leg to sarcoma in the knee. Her mother and most of her siblings died early of cancer. On the other side, my father’s father was the first recorded victim of pancreatic cancer in the province of Manitoba.


1988. One small spot on the former surgery site grew back, cancerous and growing as before. He had malignant melanoma removed again but the margins were clear. Here is what Arthur wrote:

An effective alternative was needed, and we chose to build up my immune system rather than let the surgeon attack it. We committed my health into God’s hands in prayer, and I began taking ten grams of Vitamin C a day (as sodium ascorbate, recommended by Linus Pauling). Lyn moved us to a diet of foods “as close as possible to the hand of God”, free of sugar, processing and preservatives. We also tried herbal teas (Essiac and taheebo) and anti- oxidants: vitamins A (beta carotene), E, selenium and zinc. At Christmas, 1989, I had an excision about two inches in diameter at the original site to clear up some things Lyn did not like. The pathology showed melanoma, but the margins were clear. Nothing came back after that.

But around that time, a big eye-opener for us was discovering about free radicals in the body, and about antioxidants. We began using pycnogenol. We heard about sea minerals and began taking coral calcium in our water. We learned about becoming alkaline vs. acid. We tried a lot of good things for our health, picking this and that from the enormous smorgasbord of options available to us at the time.

In 1996 Arthur developed a breast lump that didn’t go away, and just got bigger. We increased the supplements we were taking, but that didn’t make any difference. Then we heard about Dr. Hulda Clark.

The Cure for All Cancers

Our naturapathic friend, Joanne told me that there had been a discovery that parasites could be at the root of all cancers. We brought home two copies of “The Cure for All Cancers” by Dr. Hulda Clark and laid them on the table.

I first noticed the tumor in my left breast in April 1994 when I felt a sharp pain when I got a hug. I assumed it was a bruise, but it did not go away. My wife Lyn checked it and found a small lump directly behind the nipple. It grew in size and discomfort for seven months till it was about 1.25 inches (3 cm) across and 0.25 inches (6 mm) thick, and was starting to head toward my armpit. I was still taking eight grams of vitamin C daily with the other anti-oxidants. Then in November 1994, we got Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s first book, The Cure for All Cancers. In the book she gives her theory that cancer is caused by a common parasite, the human intestinal fluke (fasciolopsis buski), “catalyzed” by isopropyl alcohol accumulated in the liver.


Herbal Parasite Cleanse

The book and the information immediately resonated with Arthur. He wanted to get on the herbal parasite program laid out in the book. We searched for the ingredients, finding cloves at the grocery store, wormwood leaf tea at the health food store, and ordered in some black walnut tincture from California. We also cleaned our house of every single toxic cleaner, lotion, potion, spray we could find, as Dr. Clark instructed in the book. Here’s what Arthur wrote:

On November 23, 1994, I began the herbal parasite program. Lyn went through the house clearing out all isopropyl-tainted soaps, shampoos, foods, body products, cleaners and other solvents. She put four cardboard boxes of the stuff outside under our deck. After five days on the parasite herbs I noticed that the pain reduced greatly. Dr. Clark says the parasites die on the fifth day with the herbs. After two weeks Lyn could feel a noticeable decrease in the size of the tumor, and after three months the tumor was gone!

Within a week, his tumor pain had subsided, and after another 2 weeks the tumor was getting smaller. It took 2 months before I could not detect it any more. We decided to book an appointment with Dr. Hulda Clark in Mexico.

There was a 2 for 1 sale for flights, and we took all the kids plus our friend Joanne down to Mexico to visit Dr. Clark at the Manner Clinic.

Meeting Dr. Hulda Clark

We had a great appointment with Dr. Clark, where she tested us with the Syncrometer, determining what toxicities we had in the body, and in which organs, etc. It was fascinating. Arthur wrote:

On February 22, 1995 Lyn and I spent two full hours with Dr. Clark (then at the Manner Clinic in Tijuana). We got tested on her Syncrometer, and learned all we could so that we could help others in Canada. I tested free of malignancy, but had high mercury levels from tooth fillings.

All the information Dr. Clark revealed from her testing on us made a lot of sense. For example, Joanne discovered that she had CFC’s in her body. Dr. Clark asked her if she had an old fridge in the house, and sure enough, Joanne had stored an old refrigerator right outside her office where she spent most of every day. This could have been the source of CFC’s in her body. She promptly disposed of that old fridge when we got back home.

Dr. Clark told us (correctly, as it turned out) that we had a gas leak in our home 1200 miles away, because we had high vanadium levels in our bodies. She found that in about two seconds with a simple Syncrometer: do you know any other test that fast, sensitive and cheap? Our friend, also tested, found out she had Freon from a leaking fridge (right again!).

Lyn and I knew Dr. Clark for 14 years, and can assure you that she was a very careful scientist who insisted on controlled, repeatable testing and kept good records. For many years she had done government-funded research in human physiology at the University of Indiana, Bloomington. She got into natural methods after her life was saved by a natural antiviral potion that killed herpes simplex which had reached her eyes and brain (see The Story of L-G, from page 411 in the old edition of The Cure for HIV and AIDS). The orthodox medical experts had just said, “Sorry – it’s a virus.”

 Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., was also a humble and teachable lady. Compare that with your average oncologist! If she did not know something she said so, and added with a twinkle, “Why don’t you find out?”


Dr. Clark detected natural gas in Arthur’s body. Before going to Mexico, unknown to Dr. Clark, we had called the Gas repair to the house on two occasions, to fix a gas leak in our house. We realized that the Dr. Clark’s unique testing methods (the Syncrometer) could actually have something to it.

Before leaving the clinic, we were ushered into a room to use a machine which Dr. Clark was experimenting with. We were on that machine for 3 seven-minute periods separated by 2 twenty-one minute rest periods. We now know it was the birth of the zapper.

Birth of the Zapper

Arthur began communicating with Dr. Clark, and when her new book “The Cure for All Diseases” was released, with details of the zapper, Arthur was eager and ready to design one. He developed the very first automatically timed zapper, discussing concepts and ideas along the way with Dr. Clark. He made prototypes, and together with our friend Joanne using them with her clients, Arthur realized he had to produce larger quantities. Many people were wanting a zapper.

The AutoZap 5 zapper and the Integrated Wellness System by were Arthur’s great achievement, which he shared with the world. The AutoZap 5 zapper is still benefiting people around the globe in over 75 countries now. We hear new customer stories all the time. Begins

Arthur became passionate about helping other people with their health, spending countless hours on the phone, praying with people, inviting people over to the house, and learning all he could about eliminating toxicity, as well as the relationship of parasites and solvents in the human body.

We both took the Syncrometer testing course, and he designed and built many Syncrometers. He developed the Super Zappicator, which was the magnetic antennae or attachment to the Zapper, which worked slightly differently than the zapper, but created what Arthur termed the Integrated Wellness System.

Arthur knew Dr. Clark’s books from cover to cover, developed online training for new customers, videos for YouTube, which are still there today because the information is great. His engineering background was the perfect fit for an inquisitive mind finding solutions to the problems of disease. The website was born.

Dr. Clark’s Greatest Contributions

I believe that Hulda Clark’s greatest contribution has been the linking of parasites with environmental toxins as co-factors in the genesis of cancer and many other diseases. And this link was discovered by good detective work, using the Dermatron and her simple “Syncrometer” tester. Her research on water pollution and development of the zapper are other major contributions to the war on parasites.
All her “secrets” are published, because she wants you to “do it yourself.” To benefit from Dr. Clark’s latest research, read “The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers,” which introduces a LOT of new material on water, the chain of cancer causality, and purifying foods using the Zappicator.  You can download a summary of her cleanups and ideas in the powerful Hulda Clark Action Plan at


What We Learned

Arthur’s amazing recovery from the breast tumor changed a lot of things for us. We realized that many issues play into a diagnosis of ‘cancer’, and just cutting out an offending organ or tissue does not solve the problem. We learned that our body wants to heal itself. We learned that the fuel you feed your body matters. We learned that exposing yourself to toxicity in the home and workplace matters. We learned about parasites, how you probably get them, and the devastation they cause. Everyone should kill parasites in their body. We did many liver cleanses. The Zapper was our secret weapon, we could travel with it, sleep with it, and use it on ourselves and pets.

10 Year Update – April, 2010

It is now 10 years since I first felt the breast tumor in April, 1994. Having just turned 60 years old, I can now do things I could not do 20 years ago. I remain cancer-free and asthma-free. We are SO thankful! At age 50, I took up unicycling along with the kids, jogging with my beautiful wife and rebounding.”
We power walk for about 2.5 miles per day and I unicycle on roads and trails near our house in beautiful Mission, in the Fraser Valley. We love living here in “Super, Natural” British Columbia. Our goal in the next 10 years is to do some traveling to third world countries to help bring natural healing to people who are dying from malaria and other diseases.



Arthur officially retired from Best Zapper in 2012 when he decided to travel and give his time and energy to medical missions work. He repaired medical and dental equipment in remote areas, sharing his gift of encouragement and love of God with everyone.  He was doing the things that mattered most to him.  He loved other cultures, and experienced the world in a new way.

Our son Fraser decided that he would take on the challenge of continuing to manufacture the Zapper and Super Zappicator, the work that Arthur had begun. He updated and streamlined the website to continue without Arthur’s input. Fraser is a wise and kind man, and I am proud to see him value so much the work that his father began in 1996 with passion and integrity.

After 30 amazingly healthy years since he was first diagnosed with cancer, Arthur passed away suddenly after a very brief illness in May, 2016. His words to me were “I want to finish well”. Without a doubt, the legacy of Arthur’s tireless efforts on behalf of our friends and customers all around the world is an elegant, inspiring testament to a life lived, and finished, well.

The Present and Future

Fraser (plus other team members) now steer the ship at Best Zapper, and they are actively working to keep everyone up to date, providing the same quality service with the heart that Arthur had begun in 1996.

The YouTube videos Arthur had created remain today, with timeless information about the practical side of the Hulda Clark protocol and lifestyle.

The heart and passion of our founder is still here. The quality of our products is higher than ever as we pursue improvements and innovations not possible in years past. We are here to support you, journey together with you, and are so thankful to be part of the Best Zapper community.

Remembering Arthur

The statement “It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember” describes Arthur. His legacy lives on with the lives he has touched.  Personally, I cannot part with his t-shirt he wore almost every day bearing the slogan “I want to hold the hand that holds the world”. That was Arthur’s prayer. Arthur will always have a place in our hearts, he will never be forgotten.

Arthur was fearless, kind, lover of people, lover of God, great dad and husband, and natural health advocate. Arthur’s health was a testimony to his story, and he worked hard at it.  Arthur took up riding the unicycle for exercise and sheer love of life. He initially began riding the unicycle to spend time with our sons, but realized he loved it just as much as they. Arthur traveled over the world, backpacked, hiked, and experienced his dreams. He loved astronomy and watching stars. One of those dreams was to stand outside to see the Southern Cross in the sky, which we enjoyed together.

“Beloved, I desire above all things that you may prosper and be in health, as your soul prospers.” 3 John 2