Zapper Parts List for the Big Zap

Build Your Own Zapper

printable Zapper parts list

This is the parts list for our free Zapper design. You may find the Big Zap Zapper schematic here. Parts to build your own zapper can be obtained from many electronics parts suppliers; we do not sell the parts to build your own zapper.

# UsedPart TypeDesignationDescription
1100nC3Capacitor, 10% 50V or more
110kR31/4W, 5% carbon film resistor
110RR51/4W, 5% carbon film resistor
110u 25VC2Electrolytic capacitor
112 VOLTSJP12 pin header
21k0R6 R71/4W, 5% carbon film resistor
21k0 x 9RP1 RP29-resistor SIP network, 10 pin pkg.
11n0C1Capacitor, 10% 50V or more
21N4004D2 D3Diode
22N4401Q1 Q2NPN transistor
12N4403Q3PNP Transistor
140106U1CMOS Hex Inverter
1470RR11/4W, 5% carbon film resistor
14k7R21/4W, 5% carbon film resistor
15V6 1WD1Zener diode
1680kR41/4W, 5% carbon film resistor
19 VOLTB1Alkaline 9 volt battery, MN1604 or equal
1POWERSW1SPST switch, 100ma or more
1COMMONJP320 pin single header
1LED 2maD4T-1 or T1 3/4 LED, low current
1OUTPUTSJP220 pin single header

Bill of Materials for the Big-Zap 1.04 Zapper

Schematic diagram for the Big Zap zapper is here.