Free Zapper Plans

FREE Zapper Plans: The Big-Zap Zapper

Updated! A free professional zapper design for use with up to 20 people at a time in needy areas

Zapper Features:

  • RUNS ON ANY 12 VOLT DC SOURCE: car or motorcycle battery, or 9 volt cell (auto-switches from 12 volt source to 9 volt for backup)
  • LOW FREQUENCY for best results (about 2 kHz)
  • INDICATOR LED: gives positive indication of actual output (lights brightly only if zapper output and battery voltage are correct)
  • FULLY PROTECTED against damage from reversed battery polarity
  • professional circuit boards available

Ever since I discovered Dr. Hulda Clark’s zapper, I have wanted to make this experimental technology available to areas of the world plagued by parasites and diseases such as malaria, AIDS, amoeba and leprosy. The potential for alleviating human suffering is vast. One 12-person Big-Zap used by two doctors in India has shown remarkable effectiveness with malaria and skin diseases.

One key to effective application of the zapper is to allow more than one person to use it at a time. The Big Zap can easily zap 20 people at a time, each from a separate current-limited output. It does not have a timer, as it is intended to be used for up to an hour straight, with no breaks (minimum recommended time is 30 minutes). The single indicator LED lights only if the battery voltage is adequate and the output is 5 volts peak-to-peak or more, as specified by Dr. Hulda Clark.

The Big Zap circuit available here is designed for easy construction and application in remote areas. It can even be solar powered. The Bill of Materials (parts list) needed to assemble the Big Zap Zapper is here.

The design is given freely in the name of Jesus Christ, in thanks for His great mercy.

The Big Zap is a simple, rugged zapper for trouble-free use with groups of people anywhere it is needed. Feel free to build it yourself and share it with those in need. Circuit boards are available for $10 US plus shipping (while supplies last), contact us through this email form.

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