Today we are announcing our new product – conductive “SUPERCUFFS”. Here is a picture and video to see what a great accessory these cuffs really are. Two sets of conductive SuperCuffs will come in a package.

Some advantages of the SuperCuffs:

  • Kids love them
  • Adapt well for use on ankles
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to use and Comfortable

From one of our trusted SuperCuff users:

“Dear Best Zapper. Thank you for the incredible new Supercuffs! What a game-changer for our busy family of 5. Now with the Cuffs, we find zapping so much easier. Our 4-year old can maintain good contact easier than sitting with her feet on the footpads. When the flu is circulating at daycare, I feel so grateful to have this tool to support our family’s wellness.”

BN, British Columbia, Canada

Our long-standing wristbands have been discontinued, due to supply chain interruptions on some key components of the straps. But, we feel this is a blessing in disguise, as the SuperCuffs may be the best accessories we have had yet.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as always, as we make this transition. Look for the SuperCuffs in the Zapper Shop, available separately or as part of our fantastic Integrated Wellness System bundle.

Keep Zapping!

-Lyn and the Best Zapper team