Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

We do not sell colloidal silver, nor do we make any money from referring people to others for colloidal silver.
This page is for informational purposes only, not intending to diagnose or treat any disease nor make any claims of treating illness.
We want you to have the most accurate & unbiased information possible.
This page on colloidal silver is provided with the aim to stem the flow of misleading nonsense which is plastered all around the internet by people with good intentions but poor research skills.

Definition of Colloidal Silver

First of all, Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver and Colloidal Silver Protein are different products. Many people have been led to believe that ionic silver is the same as colloidal, and in fact nearly all products labelled as “colloidal silver” products are not colloidal at all – they are ionic solutions.

Colloidal silver protein

Colloidal silver protein, despite the name, does not contain colloidal silver: it is a colloidal protein with embedded chunks of silver – it is called “colloidal silver protein” because the protein itself is in a colloidal suspension, not because of any colloidal silver particles embedded in the protein matrix. True colloidal silver (also known as colloidal silver hydrosol) consists of pure silver nanoparticles suspended in pure water.


Ionic silver becomes inert silver chloride (silver salt) in your stomach when taken internally, and potentially causes argyria. The product which has been proven to cause argyria in its most serious form is Colloidal Silver Protein, or CSP. Large particles of silver are embedded in gelatin to form a protein colloid which can easily deposit silver into human tissues.

Real colloidal silver is composed of microscopic clusters of silver atoms in suspension in water and has never been shown to cause argyria. The particles are uncharged, they do not react with stomach acid to form insoluble silver chloride salt which can be deposited in your tissues.

An article on doctor-prescribed colloidal silver protein (CSP) directly responsible for causing argyria:

Colloidal Silver Generators

We do not sell colloidal silver or machines to create it yourself. Unfortunately, neither do most “Colloidal silver generator” manufacturers. The popular “Colloidal” Silver Generator machines create ionic silver by electrolysis. Only a tiny percentage of colloidal silver is present in the output of these products.

Genuine, Safe Colloidal Silver

If you want genuine colloidal silver visit this website. Read about the differences between colloidal and ionic silver at PurestColloids. No Hulda Clark zapper (including our own) can be used to manufacture genuine colloidal silver in any meaningful quantity. The popular Bob Beck “Colloidal Silver” machines create 90-95% ionic silver solutions. Don’t be fooled by all-in-one zapper/colloidal silver maker/Rife machines, they do not work as promised and are often contradictory in the claims presented by their makers: a Rife machine has nothing in common with a Dr. Clark Zapper.

Further Reading: Government Regulation of Colloidal Silver

Here is an unfortunately misinformed (but typical) article which conflates colloidal silver and protein-based silver preparations:
(UPDATE 2011: the original link is dead and the article is offline, however this article contains the same misconceptions as the former article) (Colloidal Silver Protein can cause argyria)

Note that the references which seemingly contraindicate use of colloidal silver are in fact referring to “colloidal silver protein.”

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