Zapping Contacts for your AutoZap 5 ZAPPER

Helping you to choose the best Zapping Contact for your needs.  We have a few great options.

SuperCuffs correctly hooked up to the AutoZap 5 zapper

All our Conductive Accessories have these features:

  • Professional materials with enough surface area to ensure good electrical contact.

  • Lightweight.

  • Travel friendly.

  • Versatile, with many application possibilities.

  • Washable, and easy to clean.
  • Small enough to carry in your purse or bag.


Conductive SuperCuffs

Stretchable, comfortable, woven with silver fibre for great conductivity. They are similar to the gloves.

SuperCuffs slip over the hands and are placed an inch or so above the wrist. They generally do not require any water for good conductivity, simply watch the SenseAlert light to ensure you have good contact.

SuperCuffs are the kid’s favourite, compact and lightweight for travel with a universal fit. Leave wires connected between uses, to reduce wear and tear on the snaps.


Conductive SuperGloves

Conductive SuperGloves are gloves that you can wear or hold in order to get your good zapping connection.

They generally don’t require any water for good conductivity. Watch your SenseAlert light to ensure you have good contact.

The most convenient option for travel. Wash with warm water and dry in the sun. NOTE:  Gloves are a Small Size – Not suitable for large hands.




Silicone FootPads

Silicone FootPads are similar to Pet Pads, but twice as big, great for good zapping contact for any size foot or hand.  They are lightweight, travel friendly, and our most hygenic option.

Silicone is hygenic, easily washable with a towel. Great for the family, clinic, or multiple uses. No need to spray with water or dampen before use.

PetZap Contact Pads


The pet zapping pads are exactly the same as the silicone footpads above, except half the size.  They were first designed to help pet owners find a way to zap their pets.  See more on our Pet Zapping page.

Still have Questions?


Picture how the Zapper could work for your needs and your lifestyle.

Holding the AutoZap5

Adult with FootPads

Pet using Pet Zapping Pads

Child using Footpads

Zap lying down with footpads

Reading with the Supergloves