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Please note: We are not medical doctors, and do not diagnose, treat or cure disease. Please refer to your trusted health professional for your health questions.

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What is a zapper?

A “zapper” is defined by Dr. Hulda Clark as a battery operated DC pulse generator with a positive output amplitude of 5 to 10 volts (open circuit) and a frequency between 10 Hz and 500 KHz (10 to 500,000 pulses per second), with a current limited output and a 0.25 volt positive offset.

The Hulda Clark zapper is a safe, effective tool to wake up your amazing immune system. You cannot feel its gentle output pulses, but your body knows exactly what to do.

Do I need "programs" or specific Frequency settings?

The frequency issue is a confusing one for several reasons so we made a short video explaining why our AutoZap 5 doesn’t need tuning or frequency adjustment to do its job. The results we’ve seen speak for themselves. Most of the confusion stems from the frequency charts and discussion in Dr. Clark’s early books, when she was using a basic frequency generator. Our journey to reinvent the zapper began with the circuit design itself to improve efficiency, and many iterations of design and improvements led to the AutoZap 5. Please see our description of the AutoZap 5’s 5-minute Mode above.

How to access the different modes on the AutoZap 5?

This easy quick start demonstration will show you how to push the buttons on the AutoZap 5 zapper to get the mode you want.

What is the 5 minute cycle "Red Mode"



  • Our Red Fast Zap mode uses an advanced, gentle signal which retains the current-limiting safety feature.

  • We use a proprietary pulsewidth-modulation of the square waves under microprocessor control to provide the effect of a full 63 minute cycle in 5 minutes. This breakthrough was created after years of field testing. It was released to the market 13 years ago, and has not been equaled.

  • It is a gentle proprietary use of all frequencies, runs for 5 minutes and shuts off automatically.

  • Our experience shows that sensitive people handle it well, as you do the 5-minute setting every 3 days and work towards a daily routine. You can safely zap all day with the 60-minute or 5-minute cycles if you wish.

  • In just one year of zapping this will save you more than 350 hours when compared to the classic 7 minute on / 20 minute off / 7 on /20 off / 7 on cycle.

Can I use the Green AutoZap 5 mode to Zap?


No, don’t do it.  The green food and body zappicator modes are designed to work optimally with the magnetic structures in your SuperZappicator attachment. It is not optimal for waking up your immune system using the wristbands or other contacts. Use the Red FastZap mode, or the Yellow modes. Here is our video explaining this:

How often should I zap?


Dr. Clark recommended daily use for the first month, and at least twice a week after that. We use it every other day for maintenance.  

For someone with a serious health challenge, feel free to zap more than once a day. Listen to your body. Start off with just once a day at the beginning, and then as you get used to it, you can zap several times a day, or do extended zapping.

Find a way that works well for you, and do it regularly. You can zap any time.

How do I know the Zapper is working?


The AutoZap 5 has several features to show activity and provide feedback to the user. The green SenseAlert light and the Mode light work together to indicate the active program and whether or not good contact is present (when applicable). When both lights are appropriately lit, the user can be confident that the zapper is working normally and according to its specification.

One ‘silent’ feature found in the AutoZap 5 to assure correct operation is that it will not even start if the battery hasn’t sufficient power to complete the program. There will never be a degraded signal due to weak battery power.

Finally, on a fundamental level, anyone can verify the AutoZap 5’s activity by observing its output on an oscilloscope.

Will I feel something when I use the Zapper?


You should not feel anything while using the Zapper. Rarely, someone who is hyper-sensitive feels a sensation but it is only momentary. The zapper is safe. Do not rely on a tingling sensation to tell you that the Zapper is working.

A ‘feeling’ is not an indication that the zapper is working. The Auto Zap 5 zapper has a red and amber mode, with green Sense-Alert contact light as the indicator that you are getting a good connection with your body.

Can I use the Zapper while I am on medication?


Yes. It will not conflict with medications.

Do I need programs or specific Frequency settings?


The frequency issue is a confusing one for several reasons so we made a short video explaining why our AutoZap 5 doesn’t need tuning or frequency adjustment to do its job. The results we’ve seen speak for themselves. Most of the confusion stems from the frequency charts and discussion in Dr. Clark’s early books, when she was using a basic frequency generator. Our journey to reinvent the zapper began with the circuit design itself to improve efficiency, and many iterations of design and improvements led to the AutoZap 5. Please see our description of the AutoZap 5’s 5-minute Mode above.

Does the Zapper kill friendly bacteria?


We have found by experience that the zappicator seems to leave the good flora alone, much as the white blood cells energized by zapping leave the good flora alone. Yet many people report seeing dead parasites in the stool the day after using the SuperZappicator on their stomachs.

We do recommend everyone take a good probiotic daily, and fermented foods such as natural sauerkraut, for maintaining a healthy gut.

Zappicating food is a great idea, as there are some toxins in commercial meat products that may not be neutralized.

What is Leg Zapping?


Leg Zapping is a way to zap that will keep zapper current out of the torso of the body. This will prevent possible problems with the new CD and “smart pacemaker” devices, and with zapping during pregnancy. Dr. Clark says that the idea with zapping is to put the tiny zapper current through a maximum of blood flow, to energize the white blood cells efficiently.

Dr. Clark recommends against using the zapper during pregnancy, or if you have a pacemaker. Use the “Leg Zapping” method for safe zapping during pregnancy and with “smart pacemakers” and ICD’s.

We believe the safest way for those with ICD’s or “smart” pacemakers to zap effectively is to use our easily-cleaned silicone Footpads.

What is the difference between the Zapper and the Zappicator?


Zappers work by sending tiny positive current pulses THROUGH the body and it works on the bloodstream.

The Zappicator works by magnetism and no skin contact is required. It must be powered by the Zapper. Magnetism (as in the Zappicator) reaches any part of the body:  bowel contents, brain, teeth. The Zappicator works well on food and pets. Zappicator modes are: Food mode = 15 minutes, Body mode = 30 minutes.

Refer to our video “What is the difference between the Zapper and the Zappicator” below:

What is the Zappicator?


Dr Hulda Clark first described the Zappicator as an antenna to the zapper, and it was initially used to treat food such as dairy, eggs, vegetables and water. The zappicator box contains magnets, North pole side up, and treats the foods you place there. This is described in The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, p. 553-555.

Our FlexZappicator is a specially created accessory powered by the AutoZap 5 at 1 kHz. It contains 10 magnets, and it is wired to ensure correct North polarization when hooked up to the AutoZap 5 on the GREEN mode. We test each Zappicator to ensure that it has the correct polarization. The North Pole side of the FlexZappicator is the front label side. The FlexZappicator runs for 15 minutes to zappicate food on the Flashing GREEN mode, and it runs for 30 minutes for using on the body or pets.

We have extended the use of the Zappicator beyond food, to using it with the body at any point of injury or stress. Read more in our Zappicator Report available here.

How do I position the Zappicator against my body?


Here is the most important thing to know: the North side is the Label side of the zappicator, and the NORTH SIDE (Label side) MUST BE PLACED TOWARDS THE BODY. Run the Body Zappicator mode (Flashing Green) for 30 minutes, and repeat as desired. The signal penetrates about 12 inches (30 cm). Although the typical duration will be 30 minutes, it is safe for much longer use if you wish.

How do I access the Body Zappicator Mode?


Plug the SuperZappicator into the AutoZap 5 zapper. Press the A button twice (shows a green light), and then press the B button. The green mode light will start to flash, the green SenseAlert light will stay OFF, and the AutoZap 5 will run for 30 minutes, ending with a triple descending beep.

Note:  A steady green light indicates a 15-minute cycle for zappicating food or pets, and the flashing green light indicates a 30-minute cycle for body use.  These two programs are identical except for timing.

How do I know the Zappicator is working?


The polarity of the magnets is crucial, and can be observed with a simple compass, which will point toward the main side of the Zappicator, which indicates on the label that it is the North side.

We test for electrical continuity between the expansion plug on the Zappicator, and the tip of it’s cord. This assures that the Freecoil is intact within.  This is done before shipping all units, but not something people typically can do in the home.

Will the Hulda Clark Zapper Cure my Disease?


We are not doctors and do not make claims to treat or cure disease. There are also no magic bullets. Drugs, radiation or chemotherapy do not cure disease and in fact, in efforts to kill disease they also kill good cells and your own immunity which is necessary for you to recover from disease.

Dr. Hulda Clark’s taught that your body actually wants to rebuild and cure itself of disease as you rid yourself of parasites and all toxicity, doing body cleanses, supplying good nutrition, and boosting your body’s own immunity and defenses through using the Zapper and Zappicator.

We provide support for those who are following Hulda Clark’s approach. Begin with our free download located at, and get started today. See our customer feedback at The most comprehensive book for starting out is The Cure for All Diseases, understanding Hulda Clark’s mindset and the need to change your lifestyle. We recommend the Best Zapper Integrated Wellness System. Use the Zapper and Zappicator for at least 3 – 6 months while you implement the Hulda Clark lifestyle changes.

Can I use the Zapper or Zappicator while pregnant?

Dr. Clark recommended not using the zapper as usual during pregnancy, or if you have a pacemaker. To zap safely during pregnancy, use the “Leg Zapping” method. See the special “Leg Zapping” information above for safely zapping with “smart pacemakers” and ICD’s.

We do not recommend you use the Zappicator directly on the belly while pregnant. We believe you can use it on your arms, legs or head, but not directly on your belly.

Can I use the Zapper or Zappicator if I have metal in my body? A Pacemaker or an Implant?

The zapper will not conflict with any type of metal object in your body with the exception of a Pacemaker. Please refer to our post on using the Leg Zapping method if you have a pacemaker or are pregnant. Also see our post on

Metal in My Body – a Quick Summary

Other Medical Conditions and the Zapper

We are not doctors, and cannot provide medical diagnosis, cures, medical devices, promise claims and cures. We have spent over 20 years providing support for anyone following the Hulda Clark protocol, doing her cleansing, using her devices, and practicing Self-Help. We believe that the body does want to heal itself given the right nutrition and removing hindrances such as pollutants and toxic roadblocks.

Does the Hulda Clark Zapper Kill Parasites?

Here is the transcript of our YouTube video Does the Hulda Clark Zapper Kill Parasites? (edited)

Now the short answer to that is “no” although I know Dr. Clark wrote in her first book “The Cure For All Diseases” where she mentioned it, that it did electrocute parasites. But further research by her and others confirm that actually that’s not how it works.

The mechanism really is that the zapper wakes up your own amazing self-healing body. It wakes up your own white blood cells. Did you know that your immune system is made up of over 50 different kinds of white blood cells that are so smart that they can identify toxins and pathogens, bacteria and viruses that they’ve never seen before and they can form a defense against them so that if they ever see them again they’ll kill them instantly, and they get it right the first time too, most of the time it’s just amazing. And the zapper’s job with its tiny little pulses of current is just to wake up those white blood cells.

Now, they need to be woken up because they have been put to sleep, many of them, by toxins in our air and water and food. So that’s why you need the zapper in this modern age. If we were living back in the boonies, away from all the modern conveniences and toxins, you probably wouldn’t need it in nearly the same way, but in our modern world the zapper’s tiny current just wakes up those white blood cells and they go out and aggressively do their job. They work very quickly, and I would just encourage you to try it out.

The simplicity of the zapper, because it wakes up your own immune system you don’t have to tune it, it’s automatic, you don’t have to fool around with diagnosing yourself and trying to select some frequency or anything. Just wake up your own defenders, turn them loose, they’ll do the job just great.

The Green Light is not working with my Zappicator

Please do NOT try to get the green light to come on when using the Zappicator.

It is not designed to illuminate while zappicating, as we explain in the instruction sheet as well as in the instructional DVD. The green SenseAlert LED lights ONLY in the red and yellow modes, when using the SuperCuffs or other conductive contacts that we supply.

In fact, if you manipulate the plug to see the green light when zappicating, it shorts out the zapper signal and disables the FlexZappicator. Please plug it fully into the socket, and it will work as designed.

My Zapper is not working

Here is a checklist to help you diagnose your problem area, and get you up and running again. The three main areas covered here are the Batteries, the Wires, and the SenseAlert light with accessories. Please begin with #1.

1. BATTERIES – We recommend high quality alkaline “AA” batteries such as Duracell or Energizer for the best performance in your AutoZap 5. Do not use rechargeable batteries with your AutoZap 5.

A series of randomly spaced light beeps can be heard when your batteries need replacing. Most people with average hearing can hear this higher pitch beep. If you hear these beeps, replace the batteries and remember the reset procedure. Your AutoZap 5 will stop working if your batteries need replacing.

The RESET PROCEDURE FOR CHANGING BATTERIES is found on the label. (PICTURE HERE) Remove old batteries, leave. empty and wait for 15 minutes to reset the CPU. Then insert fresh batteries, and start as usual.

Clips – Battery clips should fit the batteries snugly. If the batteries are loose, you may not have adequate contact. Contact us if your battery clips need replacement.

2. WIRES – If the wires are broken, your green contact light will not appear.

Wire Test – You can test for a faulty wire. Turn on the zapper and plug in the cable. Touch both of the snaps (or alligator clips) together. The green SenseAlert LED should light up. If it doesn’t light green then the cable is probably at fault. To confirm this, please use the second cable we included with the AutoZap. To order more cables, visit our Zapper Store.

Wire Jack – The AutoZap 5 only works when the wire jack is fully seated in the zapper plug. If you do not fully seat the wire, you will not be getting a proper connection. The brighter green light you may see could just be a short. You should not wiggle or manipulate this wire socket in any way. Unfortunately, if the zapper drops causing strain on the wire, or the wire gets pulled abruptly at an angle from the Zapper, you may develop some looseness in the jack. Take good care of your AutoZap 5.

3. GREEN SENSEALERT LIGHT – The Green SenseAlert light applies to the RED and AMBER modes only. The Green SenseAlert light does NOT APPLY TO THE ZAPPICATOR MODE (green mode). If the Green SenseAlert light is not lit while the normal function of the Zapper is in use, there are a few reasons – your contacts may be too dry. (insufficient moisture, but not wet), or the wires may not be seated properly or the wire itself may be broken. See #2 above for the test for a broken wire.

Accessories (Contact Gloves or Wrist Cuffs) – The SenseAlert light shines when there is good contact. The gloves usually do not require moisture, but a slight breath in your cupped hand should be good enough moisture for the gloves to give you a good contact.

Snap Contacts – Make sure the wires are properly snapped on. Wrist Cuffs require care to keep the snap secure in the cuffs, and not be pulled away from the fabric. If this happens you will not get a good contact and it must be replaced.

Can I use your devices or accessories with another type of Zapper or other device?

No. We do not recommend using or adapting our devices to pair with other manufacturers of either Zappicators or Zappers. We do not support any other products – we do not know about the design, the output, or the result you may get.  There are too many unknowns and we cannot guarantee their compatibility.

There are a variety of homemade and foreign products out there that do not hold to our standards, and can be dangerous.  We do not make warranty repairs on problems/dangers that may arise from them.

The AutoZap 5 Zapper and Zappicator are a set, designed to work together. Again, we do not recommend trying to attach other electronic gadgets to Best Zapper equipment. Just because a connector may fit, it does not mean that you will get a safe or correct output.

We do use 2.5mm connections on our wires, and also 4mm snap connectors at the contact end.

Just get your Wellness system directly from us, designed to work together as a unit.

Why won't my payment go through. Why was my credit card declined?

Your credit card payment may be declined for a number of common reasons. Banks have automated systems in place to determine whether or not to accept the charge. Most often it is a hold on your credit card, or a block from placing an international purchase.

We recommend calling your bank or credit card company to resolve this. Explain that you are making a purchase with, and ask them to unblock your credit card. Alternately, we suggest you use a different credit card to place your order.

Why am I charged in US dollars?

Though we ship from Canada, 95% of orders are shipped to the US and other countries. The US dollar is a common reference currency internationally, and is easier to deal with for many of our customers.

Does offer a Referral Program?

Not yet! We don’t offer a referral program at this time. We are working hard to keep up with orders on a regular basis. Other factors regarding our guarantee and lengthy refund period make referrals and affiliate programs a problem.

Does offer discounts or coupon codes?

We offer quantity discounts of 10, so please contact us if you are interested.

On occasion, incentives or sales may be offered. Please sign up for our ZapTimes Newsletter (by sending a message to to be notified of any promotions on products.

What if I decide it's not right for me?

Our Guarantee: We provide a 5-year parts and labor guarantee, and also a 1-year return Guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your AutoZap 5 Zapper. Due to personal hygiene and restocking issues, the Zappicator is non-refundable, but the AutoZap5 is refundable.

Please see our Returns and Refunds Policy

I made a mistake. Can I change my shipping address?

We send your shipment to the address you provide to us. If you change your mind, we cannot change that address once it is in the post office. In rare instances we are able to change the shipping address if you alert us by replying to your emailed receipt promptly after you have placed the order.

Where is my Tracking Number?

Your tracking number will come by email once your package has been shipped. Please check your spam, or junk folders as often our tracking emails are found there.

If it’s still necessary to get in touch about the order, please include:

  • order number
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Where does my shipment come from and will I be charged duty or taxes?

All orders are shipped from British Columbia, Canada.

Some international shipments may incur customs fees depending on the destination country. The fee may vary depending on your order value and country limits. Please check your local laws about this matter.

Which countries do you ship to?

If your country is not listed in our selection of countries on the website, we do not currently send products there. Unfortunately, due to repeated theft, vandalism or security and delivery issues, we cannot ship to certain countries.

We are using the postal system which is out of our control. We apologize for this inconvenience.

When can I expect to receive my order? What about Express Shipping?

Orders are normally shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

International Parcel – Expect one month or more to arrive, so please be patient if you choose to use International Air Mail.

XpressPost (strongly recommend):

  • Orders take 1-4 days to arrive within Canada
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Delivery times for other services vary. Tracking numbers are available ONLY with XpressPost, Expedited and Tracked Packet services.

How to Return my Order?

Go to our contact page, and select Product Return as the Reason. We will be in touch with special instructions for the return and an RMA number. It is important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid possible cross-border shipping complications. The RMA email will advise you of all the details.

What can I do about a Delay in Delivery?

Thankfully we use the Post Office, but do not run it, and have no way of forcing the postal system in your country to speed up and do their job. We are also at the mercy of customs officers around the globe. We make sure to use the exact address you gave us on your package. Unfortunately, we have no control over the post office and customs’ treatment of your order. If you have not received your parcel for over 3 weeks, please check with your local post office where you would normally pick up larger items.

Here are some reasons for a delay.

  1. It could have been held in a customs office. Usually this does not delay a package for over 2 weeks, but tracking a package being held in customs is not possible.
  2. Sometimes a delivery slip is left at your house and it falls off or the wind carries it away. Please check with your local post office for your shipment.
  3. Someone picks up your parcel and places it in the house, and you did not know about it. Please ask other family members if they have seen your package. Even ask a neighbor if they may have seen it, as they may have received it for your while you were away.
  4. Sometimes you give us an slightly wrong address. Double check the address you gave us. We get return shipments from wrong addresses, and this adds to the delay.
  5. Public Holidays in Canada or another country will cause further delays.


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