I survived Cancer thanks to Dr. Hulda Clark

I survived cancer thanks to Dr. Clark

Hi! My name is Arthur Doerksen, from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

I am not a medical practitioner, and do not prescribe or treat. I am simply sharing my story and opinions to encourage others to consider alternative approaches and to take responsibility for their own health.

I am a naturally skeptical electronic engineer who has had cancer twice (malignant melanoma, October/87, and breast tumor April/94). I very successfully used Dr. Clark’s low dose herbal approach to get rid of the breast tumor – in just three months. I now use the AutoZap 5 super-fast zapper every day to remain parasite-free.

The Genes for Cancer

My mother’s family history was riddled with cancer: she had five different types of cancer on five different occasions. Before she was married she lost her right leg to sarcoma in the knee. Her mother and most of her siblings died early of cancer. On the other side, my father’s father was the first recorded victim of pancreatic cancer in the province of Manitoba.

I thought I definitely had the “cancer genes” or predisposition to this dread disease. My first cancer developed from a mole on my left shoulder. It had been a bit red, but not alarmingly so. I had had many moles taken off before, just to be safe, but none had tested malignant. When I bumped this one on a machine I was repairing, it bled profusely. I went straight to the doctor to have it excised. He took it off routinely, but found it was a very aggressive malignant melanoma, Clark’s level 3.

The Doctors Wanted to Cut, Burn and Poison Me

I went to a surgeon who recommended a five-inch circular full depth excision and dissection of the lymph nodes under my left arm, followed by radiation and chemo. When I rejected his “cut, burn and poison,” he put enormous pressure on my wife, Lyn, to persuade me. We instead contacted the Cancer Control Society, and began intensive research on alternative cancer therapies. Though I had been well versed in medical technology and pharmacology, a cursory survey of the effectiveness of conventional treatments showed that “modern medical science” was losing the war on cancer at an alarming rate (see the details: click here).

We Chose Life

An effective alternative was needed, and we chose to build up my immune system rather than let the surgeon attack it. We committed my health into God’s hands in prayer, and I began taking ten grams of Vitamin C a day (as sodium ascorbate, recommended by Linus Pauling). Lyn moved us to a diet of foods “as close as possible to the hand of God”, free of sugar, processing and preservatives. We also tried herbal teas (Essiac and taheebo) and anti-oxidants: vitamins A (beta carotene), E, selenium and zinc. At Christmas, 1989, I had an excision about two inches in diameter at the original site to clear up some things Lyn did not like. The pathology showed melanoma, but the margins were clear. Nothing came back after that.

The Cure for All Cancers, by Dr. Hulda R. Clark

Men Get Breast Cancer Too

I first noticed the tumor in my left breast in April 1994 when I felt a sharp pain when I got a hug. I assumed it was a bruise, but it did not go away. My wife Lyn checked it and found a small lump directly behind the nipple. It grew in size and discomfort for seven months till it was about 1.25 inches (3 cm)across and 0.25 inches (6 mm) thick, and was starting to head toward my armpit. I was still taking eight grams of vitamin C daily with the other anti-oxidants. Then in November 1994, we got Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s first book, The Cure for All Cancers. In the book she gives her theory that cancer is caused by a common parasite, the human intestinal fluke (fasciolopsis buski), “catalyzed” by isopropyl alcohol accumulated in the liver.

The Herbal Cleanup

On November 23, 1994, I began the herbal parasite program. Lyn went through the house clearing out all isopropyl-tainted soaps, shampoos, foods, body products, cleaners and other solvents. She put four cardboard boxes of the stuff outside under our deck. After five days on the parasite herbs I noticed that the pain reduced greatly. Dr. Clark says the parasites die on the fifth day with the herbs. After two weeks Lyn could feel a noticeable decrease in the size of the tumor, and after three months the tumor was gone!

Our First Meeting With Dr Hulda Clark

On February 22, 1995 Lyn and I spent two full hours with Dr. Clark (then at the Manner Clinic in Tijuana). We got tested on her Syncrometer, and learned all we could so that we could help others in Canada. I tested free of malignancy, but had high mercury levels from tooth fillings. Lyn and I have since had all the metal removed from our mouths and replaced with a composite called Helio-Molar from IvoClar. Later we found out that Helio-Molar leaks fluoride, by design! I now would insist on Diamondcrown material from Biodent as my first choice, or the Z250 composite from 3M. Contact Dr. Frank Jerome at 812-376-8525 for help. He wrote the tooth cleanup section in The Cure for All Diseases.

Our Test Results

Dr. Clark told us (correctly, as it turned out) that we had a gas leak in our home 1200 miles away, because we had high vanadium levels in our bodies. She found that in about two seconds with a simple Syncrometer: do you know any other test that fast, sensitive and cheap? Our friend, also tested, found out she had Freon from a leaking fridge (right again!). Lyn and I knew Dr. Clark for 14 years, and can assure you that she was a very careful scientist who insisted on controlled, repeatable testing and kept good records. For many years she had done government-funded research in human physiology at the University of Indiana, Bloomington. She got into natural methods after her life was saved by a natural antiviral potion that killed herpes simplex which had reached her eyes and brain (see The Story of L-G, from page 411 in the old edition of The Cure for HIV and AIDS). The orthodox medical experts had just said, “Sorry – it’s a virus. Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., was also a humble and teachable lady. Compare that with your average oncologist! If she did not know something she said so, and added with a twinkle, “Why don’t you find out?”

Dr Clark Waited to Be Sure Before Publishing

Dr. Clark did not publish her first book until she had 100 theoretically cured cases in December 1993. She had many thousands more from her own practice when she died in 2009, and still more around the world through her books. See the before-and-after hard evidence in her latest book, “The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers.” All her “secrets” are published, because she wants you to “do it yourself.” To benefit from Dr. Clark’s latest research, read “The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers,” which introduces a LOT of new material on water, the chain of cancer causality, and purifying foods using the Zappicator. You can download a summary of her cleanups and ideas in the powerful Hulda Clark Action Plan at www.HuldaClarkActionPlan.com

Dr Clark’s Greatest Contributions

I believe that Hulda Clark’s greatest contribution has been the linking of parasites with environmental toxins as co-factors in the genesis of cancer and many other diseases. And this link was discovered by good detective work, using the Dermatron and her simple “Syncrometer” tester. Her research on water pollution and development of the zapper are other major contributions to the war on parasites.

If you have read this far and it sounds too good to be true, please read one of her books before you blast Dr. Clark, her methods, or her results. You will be pleasantly surprised if you follow her advice. And her safe, simple, non-toxic methods embody the Hippocratic principles: do no harm, and respect the healing power of nature. Compare that with the “cut, burn and poison” of the other guys.

16 YEAR THANKSGIVING UPDATE – April, 2010 Arthur getting some exercise on the unicycleIt is now 16 years since I first felt the breast tumor in April, 1994. Having just turned 60 years old, I can now do things I could not do 20 years ago. I remain cancer-free and asthma-free. We are SO thankful! At age 50, I took up unicycling along with the kids, jogging with my beautiful wife and rebounding.

We power walk for about 2.5 miles per day and I unicycle on roads and trails near our house in beautiful Mission, in the Fraser Valley. We love living here in Super, Natural British Columbia. Our goal in the next 10 years is to do some traveling to third world countries to help bring natural healing to people who are dying from malaria and other diseases.

Our daughter Bethany also has a heart to bring her midwifery skills to help underprivileged people. She trained at Mercy In Action in the Philippines, and has been working in the Third World, saving the lives of precious women and babies. For those of you who are interested, my personal health regimen now looks like this:

  1. ZAP every day, first thing in the morning. 5 minutes is all it takes with the AutoZap 5!
  2. BarleyPlus – whole food concentrate. This powerhouse of nutrients and live enzymes gives me great energy and endurance for my busy life. I take a heaping teaspoonful in 8 oz. of water 2-3 times per day on an empty stomach.
  3. XanGo mangosteen juice One ounce with each meal. Lyn and I take XanGo to give our bodies the tools to keep us in top condition. We had no real physical problems, but we have seen this juice improve our memory and mental clarity, and reduce headaches.
  4. Non-toxic household cleaners and soap – tested to be clean and pure by Dr. Clark’s standards. Since we have undergone Dr. Clark’s radical household cleanup, the old soaps had to go. We’ve replaced them with far superior (and safer!) products from our good friends Paul and Cheryl Tima
  5. Colloidal Silver – 1 or 2 tbsp. each night after brushing my teeth as a mouth rinse. I swish it around and hold it for a couple of minutes, then swallow it. This prevents bacterial growth overnight, and gives a general mouth cleansing.
  6. Big Raw Salads – I eat 1 or 2 big salads per day, as is or blended in our Blendtec blender (“salad soup”) to save time.
  7. Whole Fruit Smoothies, plus fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, as many as possible.
  8. Diet – No milk, and next to no meat. I still do occasionally eat eggs, a slice of cheese or bit of wild salmon. I can eat meat if I want to, but usually feel better without it. This fits well with Dr. Clark’s parasite approach, and can speed healing from all kinds of conditions. Do try it!
  9. Exercise – power walking and jogging with my beautiful wife Lyn, unicycling along with the kids, and rebounding. We power walk for about 2.5 miles per day, and I like to unicycle on roads and trails. See our friends John and Amy Drummond at www.unicycle.com.
  10. Meditation, reading the Bible and prayer – to start the day, usually first thing in the morning while zapping. We cannot live on bread alone.

Thank you to everyone in our wonderful AutoZap customer family! You are very special. We love sharing with you on the phone, and learning together. And if you have a prayer need, please give us a call. God has been SO good to us, and we want to pass on as much blessing as we can!

Contact us if you have questions, and please let us know your results. We are in this great adventure together!

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“Beloved, I desire above all things that you may prosper and be in health, as your soul prospers.” 3 John 2