Dr. Clark’s Letter to Carol Lam

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Col. Federal 757 Emory Street, #398
Tijuana, B.C. Imperial Beach, Ca.
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To: Carol C. Lam
United States Attorney for the Southern District of California
Federal Office Building
880 Front Street, Room 6293
San Diego, California 92101-8893+
Via FAX – 619-557-5749

Tuesday, April 14, 2004

It has been brought to my attention that there is an investigation going on, conducted by your office, with the possibility of further investigation by the San Diego Federal Grand Jury, concerning my activities. The prosecutor assigned to this case is, I believe, Melanie Pierson. There is the suggestion, in the investigation, that my work is somehow a “fraud” designed to sell health products.

For your office to suggest that my life’s work is fraud is beyond comprehension. My research investigations are an open book. In fact, there are FIVE open books. I have achieved significant results in determining the causes of chronic disease, including cancer, AIDS, and other diseases. In fact, I have tried hard to put the ideas in my books in the public domain. This includes patentable materials worth considerable revenues. This “public domain” approach is seldom used but worthy of my training and religious heritage. I know that my contribution will benefit the USA and all of society immeasurably.

With this letter, I am inviting you to visit me, and view my work at the medical facility known as “Century Nutrition” in Tijuana, Mexico on a date of your choosing. Several patients of the facility will be available for interview between 10 and 4 at that time.

I am an independent research scientist, and author of five books, sold in many different languages, concerned with, and offering theories about, the current health crisis, and dilemmas, in the North American Health Care System. My writings are controversial in American society, and have been both highly praised in one sector, and have raised the hackles of certain members of the conventional medical system.

The controversy over my books is centered on several ideas.

  1. I believe that the medical system needs to move away from the “treatment” modality into finding “cures” for health problems. To me, “treatment” deals with managing symptoms, and “cures” deal with determining, and removing, the “causes” of problems. Four of my books are built on this idea – “The Cure for Advanced Cancer, The Cure for All Cancers, The Cure for All Diseases, The Cure for HIV/AIDS.” Each of these books expounds on the idea that the cause, or source, of the problem must be found and eliminated. Such a process has the definition of a “cure” not a “treatment,” because it is scientifically correct.
  2. I believe in “self health.” My books are written to educate and instruct the general public about how the human body functions, and how to deal with daily activities, including crises. I point out, as Native Americans have for centuries, that we, as humans, are interdependent with our environment. I show people how to manage that interdependence.
  3. I have invented a testing device, still in manual operation stages, which I call a Syncrometer, that assists me in finding certain elements, at specific locations in the human body, which may be related to the cause of problems. I teach the general public how to make, and use, this device, and encourage improvements.
  4. I have invented a device, still in exploratory stages, which I call the Zapper. I teach the general public how to make, and use, this device, and encourage improvements.
  5. I have created the new science of Homeography, which is the electronic analog of homeopathy. I teach this also. The results can be quite astounding.

As you know, the health system in the USA is being challenged on new frontiers and my training in both Biology and Radio Technology has given me a unique advantage I would like to pass on to others, who can be interested. My findings and my success rates are phenomenal. In fact those findings open more than one new horizon in both biology and technology. I work every day to find answers to our health dilemmas. I have devoted my life to this cause because my background and education is unique, giving me this responsibility.

To hear with your own ears, and see with your own eyes, what I do and to talk to the patients who are currently present at Century Nutrition for treatment, I cordially invite you to visit us. We are just a few blocks from the border, within walking distance.

Any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday would be a suitable day, since these are patient days. I will write a Memo on Tuesday to all the patients about this. You are welcome to bring media with you. Our Doctor (M.D.) will be available so you can see every aspect of our treatment and testing. Maybe it will fascinate you, as it does us, to see the Syncrometer at work, our doctor’s Homeopathy skills, as well as my homeography, and electronic counterparts to bring about permanent cures, never before seen.

May I have the pleasure of your visit? The patients will be in the lobby, giving you free access. I look forward to our meeting.

Best Regards,

Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D
Century Nutrition
Tijuana, Mexico
cc : Melanie Pierson