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Discover how to use Hulda Clark Zapping technology with your Pet!

Dog zapping


AutoZap 5 with SuperStraps and PetZap Accessory


Use the AutoZap 5 Zapper, and add the Pet Pads. Connection wires and full instructions are included.

This picture shows you the AutoZap 5 zapper with the additional Pet Pad kit required to zap your pet. Our popular MiniBundle contains the Pet Pad as a standard accessory.

Integrated Wellness System with SuperStraps and PetZap Accessory


The Zappicator method requires the Integrated Wellness System. You need the AutoZap 5 (to power it), and also the Zappicator.

If you want to do the Zapping method as well, you will need to add a Pet Pad kit. Connection wires and full instructions are included.

This option allows you to Zap your pets (both ways), and also you and your family as a BONUS!

This picture shows you the AutoZap 5 and Zappicator, plus the Pet Pad kit on the side.


Why use the Zapper on a Dog (or cat or other pet)?

For as long as we’ve been supplying zappers, people have been using and experimenting with our zappers and their pets. It’s been proven both safe and effective – so why not?

So far we have seen people using our devices for horses, birds, dogs and cats. It is a perfect type of therapy for pets because they don’t have to swallow anything, just lay there and relax.

PetZap™ Pet Zapper Contacts

PetZap Contact Pads

Available Now at the Zapper Store

Our new Pet Zapper pads are designed for easy use with the AutoZap 5 zapper:

  • Reusable – durable, foolproof design saves time and money
  • Washable – in case you have multiple pets
  • Flexible – so you can use them on pets of all sizes and shapes
  • No alligator clips required – PetZap pads use the AutoZap 5 connectors without the alligator clip attached.
  • Connecting wires are included for use with the AutoZap 5 Zapper

An encouraging trend we’ve seen at Best Zapper is the overwhelming number of good reports back from people using the zapper with their pets of all kinds. Many have been using the SuperStraps for contacts, although others prefer footpads or even aluminum foil contacts wrapped around the legs, with velcro straps to keep them in place.

Today we’ve got good news: there is a better way!

Let’s face it – zappers and pets aren’t always easy to mix, but they get the same benefits we do when we zap them regularly. Is it worth the extra effort? To some it hasn’t been, simply because of the amount of work involved, and trying to get a good contact between the zapper and your pet is often the most challenging part.

This is why we are thrilled to introduce our brand new PetZap™ Contacts. We recommend an Ace elastic bandage (not included, but inexpensive) to hold the Pet Zapper Contact Pads securely and comfortably in place.

See these convenient Pet Zapper contact pads in use on a young puppy in this video:


Pet Zapper contacts Instructions

  • dampen the fur where your PetZap contacts will be applied
  • clip the Pet Zapper contacts to the Ace Bandage with safety pins
  • attach the Zapper to the Pet Zapper Contacts (remove alligator clips first)
  • wrap the Ace Bandage with attached Pet Zapper contact pads around your pet
  • start the Zapper (we prefer the 5-minute cycle) and tuck it into the wrapped bandage
  • Questions? Watch the video to see how we used the PetZap pads on a puppy.
  • That’s it!

Get your PetZap Pet Zapper Contact Pads at the Zapper Store!


(easiest method)

The Zappicator can be an amazing solution for helping pets with their health needs.  We feel it’s easier than hooking up the Zapper.

We recommend using the Zappicator method for pets that might be hyperactive or fearful.


Watch the video carefully to see that we have started out with a box enclosure for our small pet.

You need 3 things:

  • Integrated Wellness System (AutoZap 5 Zapper with Zappicator)
  • Cardboard box (or suitable enclosure)
  • Pet

We made a small hole in a corner of the box, where we passed the Zappicator wire through to attach to the AutoZap 5.

The pet typically does not even notice that the Zappicator is running.

Of course, if your pet sleeps quietly already, you will do better to place the Zappicator under the pet bed and just run a green 15 minute Zappicator setting on the AutoZap 5 Zapper.


Available Now at the Zapper Store

Our small dog with the Zappicator