AutoZap 5 Mini-bundle

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The AutoZap Mini Bundle is a great introduction to getting started with Hulda Clark, or for anyone wanting a backup Zapper for travel or for your pet. This AutoZap 5 zapper set includes the Pet Pads and also the Conductive Gloves. The silicone Pet Pad contacts are great for use under the feet or in your hands, and can do double duty with your pets too. This is our most hygienic option – super-easy to wash and dry. The SuperGloves are great for kids to use also, they love to use them – no water necessary.

The SenseAlert Light is the window to successful zapping, as you can watch if your connection is good as the green light shines after the zapping beep sounds. Do not touch your two contacts together while using the AutoZap, as the signal will be short circuited at that point. The short ebook called The 3 Keys to Getting Started Quickly and Easily with Hulda Clark is a nutshell version of the basics, helping you to get started even before you receive your Zapper. You can download it here.

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