Regained Mobility and on Half the Medication within 1 month of Using the Zapper

Rob had pain from previous injuries and multiple operations. In one month he’s been able to reduce his pain medication by half. His wife, with Cushing’s disease, is also pain-free after using the AutoZap 5 and SuperZappicator. Rob and his wife are both back at work and living better, and intend to stay that way!

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Rob. I’ve had the great fortune of being a neighbor of Arthur’s, and through talking over the months, found out about this wonderful product of his – the zapper.

I’m 47, I’ve been a general contractor for almost 20 years and as most contractors or people in the construction business, we have accidents, we get hurt and we get old and decrepit. I’m the perfect case. I tried the zapper. Less than a month [later] I have been able to take half of my pain medication away, and I have 70% more mobility in an arm that’s been operated on twice; it [the AutoZap 5] is the most incredible product , painless, so easy to do. I sit in my armchair at night, have a glass of wine, watch TV. That’s it. It’s just that easy, that simple, that painless. It’s incredible.

Anybody that’s got any kind of pain anywhere – back, arm, shoulder. Try it. You can’t go wrong, and it’s no medical drugs, or nothing that’s going to alter your system or change things. It’s just fantastic!

My wife… in September of 2010 she had a couple heart attacks and from there it led to Cushings Disease. More tests – we found out that she had cysts on her adrenalin glands. The pain was excruciating. She was basically off [work] for 6 months. She tried to go back to work part time and could not do it. The zapper. Yes, with the medications the doctor had given, she had been able to control [the pain] with medication. With the zapper she no longer has no more pain in her side which is where your adrenaline glands are. So, a month and a half for her, she uses it every other day. Sometimes she takes it to bed with her and sits [the zappicator] underneath her pillows like we were told to do by Arthur. He said it might be a good thing. She is up, she goes back to work, she feels great. it’s just – it’s amazing, Arthur. Your product is amazing.

How it can help 2 people with 2 different things in the same machine? What could it do for you out there? Who knows? I can’t say anything bad about it. It’s just been the best for me.

I could not lift a coffee cup, and now I can raise my arm. I could put anything in it! I have no pain, it’s gone. And I’m a young man still. I’d like to continue to be able to use an arm to lift more than a coffee cup: grand-babies. I couldn’t pick them up. Now I can throw them into the air. Yes, as they start to get over 40 pounds, ok, it hurts. But it’s part of the game that I live in my business. I did get hurt. But to have the extra freedom and still be young, to be able to play with my grand-babies, I tell you, there’s nothing better. There’s nothing better at all.