Health Was Being Stolen by a Tapeworm

Rani’s health was on a decline following an incident with some suspicious meat. When she found out she had a tapeworm, Rani looked everywhere for help. Eventually she found a solution, and here is her incredible, true story.

Video Transcript

Introduction by Arthur: Hi, I’m Arthur Doerksen from Best Zapper and we are super excited to present a story, a true story that you probably would never believe, except that it really happened. It’s something that we have heard about for years from Dr. Clark, something about tapeworms and what they can do to wreck your life. Here’s a true illustration. I don’t think you will ever forget it. I would love you to meet Rani Nicole, a friend of ours from Ann Arbor [Michigan, USA] and her amazing story. Here we go.

Rani: My story started about 2 years ago. I was in a restaurant and I was vegetarian for a long time. I decided I wanted to have some chicken that day, so I went ahead and did it. And the next day I noticed some changes in my body, and I thought “Well, maybe my body is not agreeing with the chicken.” After that it kind of just snowballed and I constantly became more and more weak. I tried everything. I thought maybe I had fight or flight where my kidneys (adrenal system) were messed up. Or I thought that maybe I had a thyroid problem. I didn’t know what it was.

Every time I would eat something it got to the point that it would inflame my body, I was constantly doing research, and I read somewhere that when things inflame your body, it could mean that your body is not supposed to have it or it could cause cancer or something like that. I started becoming very aware of my body. I eliminated sugar out of my diet. I eliminated meat out of my diet. I eliminated dairy out of my diet. Pretty much everything out of my diet.

I went to 2 doctors. I have a homeopathic doctor and a naturopath. First I went to my homeopathic doctor and said ‘I am dying, what can you do here?’ He gave all the tests, tested my blood and tested my liver, and tested everything and everything came back normal. Even my thyroid came back normal so I said “What is going on?”. There was no hope there. Then I went to my naturapath, and that’s when she [verified] that I had parasites. She said that they are in my intestines. From there I started really taking things more seriously, but still with no hope of feeling like I would ever be back to normal. I finally decided to go back to school for dental assisting, and in doing that I had to take a healthcare terminology test. When I took this course I was always a really good student and I studied about 50 hours a week for these tests. I took my first test and I got a C. I thought something is not right. The next week I continued doing the same thing and got the same results. The 3rd weekend I said “I’m going to give my absolute all that I know that I can give – 110%, and I probably studied 80 hours that week. I went and I took the test and I still got the same grade which was a C. I said, “Something has to be wrong.”

At this point I did all my notes and I did everything so the teacher could see what I was doing was correct, and she could see that I really had been studying for 80 hours. When I went into the class I showed her what I had done and she said “This is great, I am going to see how you did on the test.” So when she saw that I got the same grade, she was blown away, and the first thing she had asked me, “Do you take brain food?” I said “Yeah, I take flax seed.”

She said ‘That’s not enough.’ I blurted out with everybody in the class, I said “I have parasites” She said, “OK, come over here and let me talk to you.” So I went over there and I talked to her and that was the first time I heard about the [AutoZap] zapper. She said “We have to zap you,” and I didn’t know what she was talking about, but I just knew that it was something that could work, let’s do it.

She brought the zapper to me the following day. I picked up the zapper. She showed me how to use it. I remember I was sitting at the table and I was holding the zapper and I felt immediately a calmness inside, so I knew this was going to work. I did the zapper 4 times before I really saw that there was a significant difference. Then the following day I did the zapper one more time in the morning, and I took a whole chunk of garlic (a bulb) and I ate that with artichoke heart. I had results, and a tapeworm came right out. At that moment I felt like I won a million dollars. I felt I had won the lottery, really, because what had happened was – I instantly felt better. My brain was just totally recalibrating itself, and day after day it was just getting better and better and better and better, until here we are today.

I would absolutely recommend the zapper to the entire world. I am a firm believer in it. If it wasn’t for Arthur I wouldn’t be here today telling you my story, and I would still think I am crazy. Because that’s how this tapeworm made me feel. Absolutely insane. I feel normal again, and I want anybody out there to feel the way I feel. I feel normal again. That is my goal.