Healed after using his AutoZap Zapper

Dennis had chronic, pernicious diarrhea and was crippled by a parasitic infection in his intestines. After four days of intensive zapping with the AutoZap his chronic diarrhea (which he’d had for over two months) was completely cleared up. Today, Dennis is back at work and using his AutoZap zapper regularly.

Video Transcript

Dennis: Problems I had were, my intestines were shutting down, not performing up to snuff and so what they were doing is they were bleeding and I had tremendous diarrhea, and what it caused for me was my whole body got weaker and my ability to function and perform my job was getting less and less, as a matter of fact to the point where I wasn’t working any more, I couldn’t even function anymore.

So then I went to see my doctor and what he told me was that I needed to have a colonoscopy or some crazy thing like that, wanted to take pictures of the inside because there had to be some big problems there. I said, ‘That sounds complicated and expensive.’

‘But,’ I said, ‘what causes this? How can we [fix] this?’ And he didn’t have any answers.

The nearest time I got [for a colonoscopy] was several months down the road, and of course I had already experienced almost two months of diarrhea which was  – I thought it was enough. So I happened to talk to Arthur and he mentioned to me that maybe what I could do was a cleansing program. We tried that and it still didn’t – still for some reason it wasn’t combating the problem. So then he tried to get me onto the zapper.

When I was with the zapper it just seemed to change everything completely around, and oh, immediately I started noticing – like, within three days I did not have any diarrhea coming up that next day: the fourth day was clear, it was a regular stool. After two months [of constant diarrhea] that was a blessing. I was just so tickled, I could have hugged him if he would have been closer. So then I thought, well I’ve got to watch this [healing progress]. And then I started having one more bowel movement that was very very wet and runny and I thought, this is terrible: is it coming back? I took the zapper, and then I started going at it, 5-6 times a day I just kept using this thing. Then the next day, it was beautiful, it was great, I got up in the morning, had my regular bowel movement and it was just fine. And, from then on it’s been perfect. I have not had one case of diarrhea since that day, not one time. And so, it just seemed to have been that one session there where it came back, and after that nothing. I want to sing the praises of that machine because I think that it helped me, basically saved me, got my job back and everything else. I think that’s a marvellous invention.”

Arthur: “Would you recommend it to others?”

Dennis: Yeah, sure! Absolutely actually, I would so recommend it to others. You know, if they have problems in the body, obviously some kind of parasite or something in there that causes grief then please try it, please use it, and enjoy. Use it a lot, and don’t be stingy with it. Give ‘er. And if you know it works for you, share it with somebody else.