Parasite Zapper

The Parasite Zapper

Are you as healthy as you want to be? If you could dramatically improve your health using a parasite zapper in just 5 minutes a day, would you want to know how to do it?

You would? Listen up, and I will tell you one of the best health success stories of the last twenty years.

Meet Dr. Hulda Clark

The parasite zapper was the brainchild of Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, a Canadian-born research scientist and naturopath.

Dr. Clark wanted to empower the average mother sitting at her kitchen table to care for the health of her entire family. This care was to be simple, non-toxic and affordable. She called the concept “Self Health.”

Why was the parasite zapper developed?

When her tests on thousands of patients showed parasites to be at the root of many common diseases, Dr. Clark set out to find the best safe way to kill parasites. The common drugs for killing parasites were not very effective, and in many cases were so toxic that there was almost no margin of safety for the patient.

After years of research, Dr. Clark discovered a way to inactivate parasites and bacteria in the body with tuned low-power electronic signals applied for a few minutes. But the frequency had to be set differently for each specific target organism.

Though powerful, this method required a careful diagnosis to identify each problem organism so that it could be specifically neutralized. It could take many hours to diagnose and treat a single patient.

The Big Breakthrough

Dr. Clark’s son Geoff built a battery-operated frequency generator to replace the big, expensive units she was using. When she tested this on a patient, she found that the battery-operated device caused pathogens at many different frequencies to die. Yet it was set to only a single frequency. How could this be?

More tests on the battery-operated generator showed that it worked by a completely different mechanism than the tuned frequency approach. The battery-powered “parasite zapper” (as she named it) worked by stimulating the body’s own amazing immune system. It did this by waking up white blood cells that had been put to sleep by toxins in our food, water and air.

This was a wonderful discovery. The white blood cells that form our immune system are perfectly designed to be able to identify any parasites, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in the blood, and then to target and kill them. No diagnosis is required to use a parasite zapper.

This was the tool Hulda Clark wanted for the mothers at their kitchen tables. Now any one could take responsibility for their own health, and see good results.

How Does a Parasite Zapper Work?

At its heart, a parasite zapper is a simple electronic battery-operated pulse generator. It makes tiny electrical pulses, with a positive DC voltage offset, that are applied to the body.

The usual connection to the body is through conductive wristbands or conductive gloves, although copper pipe handholds and metal footpads also work well. In a properly designed Hulda Clark zapper, the amount of current in each pulse is carefully limited and controlled. This means that a Hulda Clark zapper cannot cause electrical shock or risk of tissue damage. In fact, only about one person in 1000 can even feel if the current is flowing or not.

In the user’s body, these tiny current pulses pass through all types of tissues, including muscles, organs and blood vessels. But their real target is the blood flow itself. That is why the current is usually connected to pass from one limb of the body to another. That forces it to intercept major arterial blood flow.

As noted above, the zapper current achieves its health effects in a very striking and elegant way. Rather than attacking parasites, bacteria and viruses directly by electronic means, the zapper current activates the white blood cells. Since the white blood cells form the immune system, this activation is extremely powerful. The activated white blood cells begin to seek out and destroy anything that does not belong in the bloodstream.

Do I Need to Program or Tune a Zapper?

Because the white blood cells do the actual targeting and killing of pathogens, the zapper takes full advantage of the inherent wisdom and adaptability of the body’s immune system. There is no need to diagnose disease or tune the zapper to address a particular health concern or parasite. Simple daily zapping will unleash the full defensive resources of the immune system.

How Often Do I Need to Use the Parasite Zapper?

Regular daily use is important to get the best results with a parasite zapper. That is because our bodies are constantly exposed to bacteria, viruses and parasite eggs on surfaces we touch, food we eat, and even in the air we breathe.

If we use the Hulda Clark zapper every day, we keep the immune system strong to overcome challenges right away, before they can build up in the body.

Daily use has become much easier with the invention of the AutoZap 5 super-fast zapper, because the zapping cycle has been reduced to a mere five minutes (from the 60-plus minute cycle originally published by Dr. Clark). That is just the length of a TV commercial break. Lack of time is no longer a valid excuse for avoiding daily zapping.

What Should I Look For In A Parasite Zapper?

Four things are required to maximize the effectiveness of a Hulda Clark parasite zapper:

– Battery operation – Dr. Clark insisted on this to ensure best results. Avoid AC-powered “zappers” because of the significant shock hazard.

– Proper pulse output – Be sure the zapper output has a positive-only pulse output with a 0.25 volt positive DC offset, and a current limited output. Avoid “stabilized wave” or “constant wave” outputs. They bypass the current limiting, and can cause burns or skin irritation.

– Excellent connections – look for wide conductive wristbands, copper pipe handholds or highly conductive gloves to ensure proper current flow with no skin irritation. Some “zappers” have small metal contact disks side by side. Avoid them.

– Low battery indication – this is very important to ensure that you are getting the protection you want from the zapper. Ideally, the parasite zapper should not even function unless the battery power is adequate for correct output. At a minimum, it should have a clear signal when the battery is depleted and needs replacing.