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WELCOME to the first edition of our ZapTimes.

With things changing so fast in the world today, we decided that a newsletter would be a good way to keep everyone up to date on what’s happening here at bestzapper – your friends in sensible health alternatives.

This month is the Cancer Issue of Alive Magazine in Canada. We have been flooded with calls from Canadian readers who have read our little ad in the back of the magazine. Welcome to all you Auto-Zap owners and new subscribers to this newsletter!

I think this is the best place to say a big THANK YOU to Larry from California, who sent us a big box of organic grapefruit from his local trees. What a treat!


We have added an Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to our website, which is the most comprehensive analysis of the zapper and comparisons with other machines on the market that we have seen. We will be announcing a couple of new high tech health gadgets in the near future.

We will keep you posted.

During this past decade we’ve received countless amazing stories from our customers regarding the benefits of regular zapping for pets! Another common concern is making it easier to use the zapper and zappicator on animals, which typically do not sit still for very long.Needless to say, technology has improved since 2001 and we have developed a new product specifically to help you use the zapper and zappicator on your pets: Pet Zapper Contact Pads.

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As you are probably aware, Dr. Clark is a research scientist, and has a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico for mostly advanced cancers and untreatable health conditions. She is a leading authority on parasites and their relation to diseases in the human body. She has been under fire from the AMA “cancer industry” and many in the media for her innovative methods based on her findings using the syncrometer.

In today’s world, if your family member dies or is not cured in the medical hospital or by the medical professionals, nobody thinks twice. That’s life. They tried their best. However, in the world of alternative health, if your family member dies of the disease, or is not cured then a few people will create a big stink, go to the press and the alternative health practitioner will be labeled a “quack”. This has been done to Dr. Clark on a few occasions. Every time she has come out of it just fine.

Right now, Dr. Clark’s clinic is facing some great challenges because the Mexican health authorities have come in and temporarily closed her clinic for health inspection. The inspections have been done and passed, but as of this date she still has not been allowed to reopen the Century Nutrition clinic.

The pressing need Dr. Clark faces right now is for finances to continue her legal defense against some vexatious lawsuits in California. If you feel you can help, please direct your gift to:

Dr. Clark Legal Fund,
1055 Bay Boulevard,
Chula Vista, CA 91932.

Her son Geoff is administering the fund.


Our favorite health link is still Back to the Garden Health Ministries. I believe that step one in regaining your health is always to kill the parasites, and step two is to rebuild your body at the cellular level with superior nutrition. We are on the Hallelujah Diet right now and experience great energy and vibrant health. You can check out the diet at www.hacres.com. Also, sign up for their free online weekly health tip. Get inspired with the incredible testimonials of people who recovered from diabetes to cancer. Call us for information on getting Barleygreen for ultimate health.


This week we had a report from Eileen. She was scheduled for a root canal job on an infected upper tooth. She couldn’t chew, pain was radiating around her jaw and up her nose, and the tooth was throbbing constantly. She got on the Auto-Zap and after 2 zapping sessions, the pain had subsided considerably. After 2 days she reported that it was increasingly getting better and now the dental specialist was contemplating canceling the root canal work. She has been on no pain killers or prescribed medication.

We have had calls about pets and the zapper. The Auto-Zap is ideal for pets because the upper light indicating a good contact will tell you whether there is sufficient current flowing past the pet’s fur. One dog named Blue was brought back to life and health with the Auto-Zap, although his prognosis had been very poor. Every pet owner should be zapping their pet regularly. Be creative. Most pets will stay still for zapping, as they sense it is good for them.

Happy Zapping!

Arthur & Lyn

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