Marisha's Paso Fino Horses LOVE the Zapper

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Lyn and I send a big “Thank you!” to you who took the time to call in and give your stories and updates on how the AutoZap zapper has helped you. We would like to come and visit more of you, and get your stories on video. Please contact us directly. Emailed stories and pictures are most welcome, and help encourage others to discover the power of their own amazing self-healing bodies.

SAFETY WARNING: Fake “Zappers” That Can Kill You!

Beware fake “AutoZap” zappers! A few days ago I responded to a test of an “AutoZap Zapper” that a man named Antonio Gomez had purchased on eBay. I checked out his site, and realized at once that the eBay seller (using the fraudulent seller name “DrHuldaClark”) was selling a very dangerous piece of electronic junk (now sold as the “Zapper Digital“) under our AutoZap trademark.

Here is the link to his test report:
See a Test Report on this fake “AutoZap” Zapper

As you will see from the pictures of the inside of the unit, it is a shoddy piece of garbage, and could pose a serious shock hazard to you or a loved one. As Antonio Gomez says:

If you have one, what should you do, for your own safety?

  1. Unplug the line cord, from the wall and the zapper.
  2. With a pair of electrician cutters, cut this cord in 3 or 4 parts.
  3. Throw these pieces into the garbage can.
  4. Fix a label on the front face with, in red : “GOTCHA!” and fix the remaining device in a paint/picture frame, to remind you that you just lost 200 bucks, nothing else.
  5. Do a little prayer to your God or Good Luck Angel, because you are still alive.

Please help your friends stay safe – share this warning with them.  It just might save their life. ANY “zapper” that is powered by an AC adapter can turn deadly, so insist on efficient battery operation for your own safety. Every genuine AutoZap zapper is safe, battery powered, and extremely efficient.

The Horses that Love Zapping: Video Testimonial

Long-time AutoZap zapper customer Marisha Moran loves her Paso Fino horses.

While passing through California, Lyn and I decided to visit Marisha and video her horses right in their home pasture.  We had such a wonderful time watching, learning, and appreciating what a little care and kindness will do for animals in pain.

Watch Marisha’s technique in getting good contacts for the zapper on the horses, and hanging the zapper around their neck with a small pouch she bought at the flea market.

This was a good experience for Lyn and me, as we live in the city and have not spent much time with horses. Watch the video. You will be fascinated!  We hope this will give you creative ideas for zapping your pets and more…

UPDATE 2011: We’ve got the answer to all those “pet zapper” questions that rolled in! Check out our new PetZap™ Pet Zapper contact pads, available now at the Zapper Store!


Hundreds of people have been watching our Tapeworm Video with Rani Nicole, and asked some great questions:

Did Rani Nicole use raw or cooked garlic?  One person thought that the garlic alone should have solved her problem.  Did she do the herbal parasite cleanse before using the zapper?  How did she know for sure that it was the AutoZap zapper that brought out the tapeworm?

Just to make sure, I talked to Rani, and here is what she said:

  1. She took a whole clove of raw garlic, finely chopped, and lightly sauteed it in olive oil.  She had been using garlic regularly before this.
  2. She then placed a teaspoonful of garlic on each piece of artichoke.
  3. She had been on the Dr. Clark herbal parasite cleanse (cloves, wormwood and black walnut tincture) for 3 months solid before this, with no change.
  4. When she started zapping was when she began to feel things really change.


Irresistible tangy papaya salsa!


2 finely chopped tomatoes (remove seeds first)
1/2 chopped green pepper
1/2 chopped red pepper
2 tbsp finely chopped red onion  (can substitute green onions)
2 tbsp chopped cilantro (or more depending on taste)
1 chopped small papaya (seeded)
Juice of 1/2 lime
Salt & pepper to taste.

Toss together in bowl, sprinkle with lime juice, salt and pepper.  Wonderful with corn chips or as a salad topping!

Read Our Mail

Thank you for your quick response….God bless you Arthur and your company and family.  I have recommended your website to many of my clients and some here in Tulsa have purchased. I do believe in what you do and will keep your resources at my fingertips. Warmly,

Thanks again, Arthur, for always being willing to share information. I know I have had a lot of questions.
— Joy


That’s it till next time. Count your blessings, and you will be surprised at how rich you are.  God bless you!

Arthur & Lyn Doerksen