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Dr. Hulda Clark – News from the Century Clinic in Tijuana
We recently visited Dr. Clark at her Century Nutrition clinic and learned some helpful information on getting the best results with the Syncrometer. So all you Syncrometer testers out there will find this interesting. For those who like rules, we feature the last five of her Ten Commandments for Health.



Radiation is becoming a serious concern and health threat which we must be on the look out for. Dr. Clark told us that she herself discovered that her living quarters were polluted with radon, and she had to vacate her place and find a new place to sleep. She told us that radon is common in the soil, and in basements both above and in-ground. Dr. Clark has also found that dental materials are often made with radioactive ingredients. We watched Dr. Clark testing other teeth and materials for radioactivity. When we got home, we purchased a Geiger counter for testing our home and products that we come into contact with. Dr. Clark finds that when syncrometer testing reveals polonium, there is radioactive toxicity. To counteract polonium, she recommends augmenting the diet with organic vitamin C (as rosehip powder) to protect your white blood cells (WBC’s). You can read detailed tips on feeding your WBC’s in The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, pages 152-3.

Syncrometer Testing Tips

Some of these were new to us, and can make the difference between your syncrometer testing success and failure.

  • No coffee or Coca Cola/soft drinks. If you do consume these things, you are not able to syncrometer test others for 24 hours.
  • No rings, watch or earrings while testing
  • Get a good sleep – be well rested to ensure that your neurotransmitters are plentiful
  • Emotional stability – make sure you are not stressed or anxious
  • Best time to test – morning after breakfast
  • Make sure these substances are in your Test Substance kit: Clorox bleach (contains 100 chemical substances), polonium, potassium iodide (finds out if something is kosher sterilized), methylene blue, cobalt, vanadium, thallium, fluorine, bromine, cerium, mercury, nickel, ruthenium, gold, lead.

Body Cleansing With Ozone

Dr. Clark is using body ozone therapy with good results and finds there is detox with no die-off reaction. Use a large garbage bag to cover the lower half of the body. Get in and tie at the waist. Pump ozone into the bag from your ozone generator. Use for 3 hours per day. Dr. Clark finds that this kills malignancy, bacteria, virus and parasites.

Important from Dr. Clark: Buy ripe fruits and vegetables only. This minimizes toxicity from chlorogenic acid and phloridizin. [Also, use the Super Zappicator in order to neutralize these pollutants as well as gallic acid, PCB’s and benzene – Arthur]


(see #1-5 in our ZapTimes 30)

6. Do not wear any metal, plastic, or rubber (elastic) next to the skin.

7. When a health problem arises, do not use a treatment or replacement until you have assembled possible causes and begun to remove them, such as vision loss, hearing loss, fatigue, pain, hair loss, weight loss, excess fat.

8. Ventilate your living space with an in-blowing and out-blowing fan. Attach a nontoxic filter to [the in-blowing fan] to trap dust particles.

9. Do not drink chlorinated or brominated water. Use well water, tested for E coli and radiation (alpha, beta, and gamma).

10. Do not run your water through metal, ceramic or plastic (other than high-density polyethylene or solid PVC), or flexible hose.

NOTE: Each of these rules represents a huge change in lifestyle. It takes a huge change in lifestyle to make a huge health difference, a principle known as “ALTERNATIVE” in other times. Do not despair. Even following 2 or 3 of these rules could change your future dramatically.

(from 12 NEW CONCEPTS, a paper handout shared by Hulda R. Clark, Ph.D., N.D. at the February 2008 Health Expo)


Q. I have used the zapper yesterday, in fact a few times, and this morning I have a terrible, terrible headache, something that I never really have. As I am a newcomer on the block using zappers, can you please give me some insight if this is normal or that I should do things differently?

A. Sounds like a cleansing or detoxification reaction. This happens when the body says, “Aha! Help has arrived, and I can dump these parasites and toxins out of my tissues.” As they are being removed to the kidneys by the white blood cells in the bloodstream, the toxins may make you feel worse for a few days. Some folks get headaches, others feel flu-like symptoms. Drink lots of good water and get plenty of rest. You may want to zap less frequently for the first while (once a day) until this passes. My view is that it is better to have the critters and toxins out of my body rather than inside. This temporary trial is worth it.


  • 8 carrots – chopped finely or coarsely grated
  • 1 large onion
  • 2½ cups water with veggie cube
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 bunch cilantro – chopped finely (approx. 2-3 cups)

Saute chopped onion and carrot in a saucepan until soft. Add the vegetable stock and cook for another 5 minutes. Blend 70% of the soup in the blender and pour it back into the pot with the remaining chopped carrot (to give texture to the soup). Add the chopped cilantro just before serving. Top with toasted slivered almonds or sesame seeds.
Serves 4.


Arthur, I have noticed when I use it now I feel better not only physically, but emotionally. I am a believer. God Bless!

I purchased a zapper from you a couple of years ago and I am very impressed with the results that I have achieved using it on myself, my toddler, and especially my ’96 model German shepherd. Her name is Rudy and she is from Germany and is a distinctively built creature. Very large for a female and very timid. She developed tumors the size of golf ball on several of her teats and one on her left front leg. I have been treating her with wormwood, cloves, and walnut hull tincture for 8 months now and I zap her with my zapper.

Tremendous improvement on her overall health. I also give her parsley water (always organic) on her food. My other dog, a Chesapeake Labrador gets treated also. The day I started zapping Rudy was the day I thought she would be found dead the next morning. But immediately after zapping her and dosing her with the above, she got that little twinkle back in her big brown eyes in about two hours at the most. I felt I had nothing to lose at that point so I shaved her legs and made Bracelets joined by a jump wire between both front legs and zapped her several times.

I have a farm and Rudy behaves herself like a Pac-Man when it comes to chicken droppings. She constantly requires the parasite treatment due to this indulgence of hers. German shepherds by the way, are quite nasty in this respect. I had a German shepherd that used to love eating cigarette butts she would find in the ground. I use my zapper on my roosters to help them beat a nasty infection. Zapping a hen though, results in death so I don’t recommend it.

I wrote Dr. Clark and told her all about my chickens and how I put homemade green hull tincture in their drinking water. I raise my chickens for food and I want them to dress out the best possible. I just thought I would let you know about my great success with my zapper and it is one thing that I am grateful for having in my possession. God bless ya’ll.

Arthur and LynCONCLUSION

That’s it till next time. Relish every summer moment.

God bless you!

Arthur & Lyn Doerksen