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BarleyMax is a brand new green drink (whole food concentrate) that Arthur and I use with great results. Hallelujah Acres has come up with the finest quality, dehydrated barley juice product on the market today. It is a live, enzyme-rich combination of 80% juice of the young barley plant, and 20% alfalfa juice.

BarleyMax has remarkable qualities which make it a easy choice for kick-starting your immune system.

BarleyMax is certified 100% organic and kosher. The taste beats any other green drink that we have tried (imagine the taste of a fresh blade of grass nibbled while lying on your back watching clouds…). Our kids do not gag when taking it.
As a bonus, BarleyMax costs a lot less than Barleygreen or BarleyLife, and the nutritional and enzyme counts are far superior.

BarleyMax contains no maltodextrin. Some people wondered why the former Barleygreen and BarleyLife products we used to sell did not agree with their system, and why some were not getting the benefits they expected. We found out that maltodextrin made up 33-50% of these other drinks. Maltodextrin is derived from corn, and many people’s bodies cannot tolerate malt or corn products.

Also, we found out that maltodextrin is not necessary, and you get better results without it. The kelp in Barleygreen was actually burned to ash and used only to balance pH. The brown rice was cooked brown rice, and so these two ingredients were useless nutritionally. BarleyMax contains only organic barley and alfalfa juice, no filler.

Why alfalfa? Farmers know that alfalfa is one of the most nutritionally dense foods they can feed their animals.

“Prescription for Nutritional Healing” on page 49 reads, “One of the most mineral-rich foods known, alfalfa has roots that grow as much as 130 feet into the earth. It contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, plus all known vitamins. These minerals are in a balanced form, which promotes absorption. These minerals are alkaline, but have a neutralizing effect on the intestinal tract. Alfalfa…has been found to aid in all healing of intestinal ulcers, gastritis, liver disorders, eczema, hemorrhoids, asthma, high blood pressure, anemia, constipation, body and breath odor, bleeding gums, infections, burns, athlete’s foot, and cancer.”

Under the category of actions and uses, we read, “Alkalizes and detoxifies the body. Acts as a diuretic, eases inflammation, lowers cholesterol, balances hormones, and promotes pituitary gland function. Also contains an antifungal agent. Good for anemia, bleeding-related disorders, bone and joint disorders, colon and digestive disorders, skin disorders, and ulcers”.

WOW! I think I’ll go upstairs and get a glass right now!

There’s more. Daniel B. Mowrey, PhD states in his book, Herbal Tonic Therapies, that alfalfa brings many health benefits because it is a tonic for the kidneys, liver, digestion, prostate, reproductive organs, glands and muscles.

The reason Arthur & I go for a whole food concentrate vs. isolated vitamins and minerals is that all the necessary co-nutrients are there for proper absorption and assimilation by the body. Remember – it’s not what you eat, but what you absorb of what you eat that counts. BarleyMax comes with a full 100% three month money back guarantee.

We have several cases of BarleyMax coming next week.

P.S. February special on BarleyPlus – $5 off if you order from us this month and mention that you read about it in the newsletter!!!

We replaced BarleyMax with BarleyPlus, a product which we feel is superior in both nutrition and value.
However, due to supply issues, we no longer carry BarleyMax or BarleyPlus.

BIG IDEA – Can You Help?

We have a heart to get the zapper over into Africa and other needy areas of the world. We have tried a number of avenues, and so far have been minimally successful. We have a number of zappers that are “sitting” in different parts of Africa doing nothing – the people there are not informed, and do not know the power of the zapper for things like malaria, hepatitis, parasitic infestations etc. We are looking at places in the Third World and Asia where people are dying needlessly, and where they would be open to trying an alternative approach.

If anyone has a good connection with an open-minded doctor/nurse/clinic/medical facility who would be willing to work with us, we would love to hear from you. We would be willing to send over some zapper units in exchange for documentation/results that are observed. What a great opportunity for somebody. We are so open to seeing what God can do in the poorer areas of the world especially.

Arthur has the design for the Big Zap, which can handle 20 people at the same time and can even adapt to solar power or other forms of energy which are available on location. We would especially like to get into an AIDS clinic, or place where traditional drugs and therapies have not been successful.

Please e-mail us if you can help. Thanks!

Zapper Q and A

We get hundreds of phone calls, and many people ask the same questions. Here are some popular questions this month:

“Why are some zappers cheaper than the Auto-Zap?”
Because you get what you pay for. Our Auto-Zap zapper is a fully automatic, rugged, efficient unit with a 3 month, full 100% money-back guarantee, and a 5 year parts and labor warranty. It is a lifetime purchase, not a disposable.

“Why don’t you supply wrist bands?”
Because they do NOT work well. We tested them six years ago and found them inadequate, and the latest versions are no better. I tried some from Dr. Clark Research Association last month – I got red welts on my wrists after using them. There are three problems with current wrist bands:

1. Inadequate contact area: they contact best at the outer and inner edges of the wrist, not on the flat top and bottom areas. Handholds and foot pads give much larger contact area.

2. Inadequate contact pressure: the straps cannot press hard enough to firmly contact the top and bottom of the wrist, or they would cut off circulation to the hand.

3. Inadequate moisture to ensure good contact: it is very difficult to keep the wrist band contact area moist for the duration of the zapping session. Dr. Clark recommends keeping damp paper towel layers between skin and contact to prevent ions from being driven into the skin. This is very inconvenient to do with wrist bands.

Good News!
Since this ZapTimes was written, we have been able to design and manufacture strong, reliable and vastly improved wrist bands for the zapper which fulfill all of our strict requirements. The above warning still applies, however, to all other wrist bands which we have seen sold with other zappers, especially the garbage “anti-static” wrist bands that ship with the Zapper Digital. Caveat Emptor!
You can read more about our SuperStraps wristbands here.


Small Pox Shot

We are hearing about the small pox vaccination program planned for the US in the news every week. In the Health Sciences Institute e-Alert, they explain that the smallpox vaccine is still classified as an investigational new drug, which has not been tested for safety and efficacy. The possible side effects include paralysis, brain damage, and death.

The people most vulnerable to the side-effects of the smallpox vaccine are: people with immune deficiency, anyone fighting cancer or chronic diseases, anyone with eczema, and pregnant women. Small children could experience brain swelling resulting in permanent retardation or death.

In the book “When Every Moment Counts” Bill Frist states,

Of every million people who receive the vaccine, two to four people will die from its complications. Five times that number will become seriously ill from the vaccine.”

Is this worth it? It is so important to actively take steps to maintain a healthy immune system – by excellent food choices, exercising, reducing stress, and using every tool we have to boost our health.


New England Journal of Medicine Hammers Chemo, Applauds Alternative Cancer Therapy.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen, December 26th, 2002

Times are a-changin’ in the US Health community. Who would have believed that the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine would APPLAUD an Alternative Cancer Therapy, and in the same article, BLAST chemotherapy, as worthless.

Well, it happened… in the December 12th, 2002 issue, in a review by James Spencer Malpas, M.D., D.Phil., St. Bartholomew’s Hospital London EC1A 7BE, United Kingdom. You can find the article in the Journal at http://content.NEJM.org/cgi/content/full/347/24/1986, if you’re willing to fork over the ten bucks.

For those of you that don’t want to spend the ten, here are the quotes…

Quote #1 – “He found the evidence in favor of conventional treatment unconvincing and opted for such alternative therapies as Gerson therapy with its strict diet, vitamins, and enemas. High-dose vitamin C and high-dose vitamin D, both contraindicated in the orthodox treatment of multiple myeloma, were later added to the regimen. What is evident is that this was the right therapy for him.”

Quote #2 – “The irony of the whole situation is that a recent randomized trial of treatment for stage 1 multiple myeloma by Riccardi and colleagues (British Journal of Cancer 2000;82:1254-60) showed no advantage of conventional chemotherapy over no treatment.”

Tim Bolen
Consumer Advocate

This “Millions of Health Freedom Fighters – Newsletter” is about the battle between “Health and Medicine” on Planet Earth. For EVEN MORE interesting and related articles go to http://www.bolenreport.com


Cilantro Chelation Pesto

Cilantro is really a member of the carrot family, and most people either love it or hate it.

Acupuncturist Dr. Yoshiaki Omura discovered almost by accident that the leaves of cilantro (or coriander plant) could accelerate the excretion of mercury, lead and aluminum from the body. He found that after amalgam fillings were removed, using all the precautions available to prevent absorption of the mercury from the amalgam, that significant amounts were later found in the individual’s lungs, kidneys, endocrine organs, liver and heart. Just by taking cilantro, his patients were free and clear of mercury in 3 weeks. (Acupunct. Electrother. Res. 96;21 (2):133-60)

I have recommended this to others, and I take cilantro myself for this very reason.

Cilantro Chelation Pesto Recipe

1 clove garlic
½ cup almonds, cashews, or other nuts
1 cup packed fresh cilantro leaves
2 tbsp. lemon juice
6 tbsp. olive oil

Put the cilantro and olive oil in blender and process until the cilantro is chopped. Add the rest of the ingredients and process to a lumpy paste. (You may need to add a touch of hot water and scrape the sides of the blender.) You can change the consistency by altering the amount of olive oil and lemon juice, but keep the 3:1 ratio of oil to juice. (It freezes well, so you can make several batches at once.)

Try a couple of teaspoons a day for two to three weeks once or twice a year.

Cilantro Dressing

(from Recipes for Life by Rhonda Malkmus, Hallelujah Acres Publishing)

¼ cup raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar
1 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 cup fresh cilantro stems and/or leaves
4 cloves of organic raw garlic
2 Tbsp. raw unfiltered honey

Put into blender and process until desired consistency of dressing is reached.

We made this dressing last evening and it was totally delicious. I used ½ cup oil and ½ cup water, and added a little agar thickener. Arthur finished it up in his lunch today.


Hello Arthur and Lyn,
We pray God bless you and your wonderful ministry. And we hope to get the honor of meeting the man who builds the Auto-Zap when we get out there. We use your zapper practically every day and believe it is all that keeps us from staying sick in this polluted environment! That and God’s grace of course.

My friend in Texas is now using the zapper for lupus and her pain is greatly diminishing. She is now working on her diet.

Note: We love your testimonial letters. They encourage all of us. If you can spare some time, drop us an e-mail and let us know the state of your health since getting on the zapper. Write to us here.

That wraps it up for now. Thank you for allowing us into your home once again. We really appreciate you!

Have a wonderful day!

Arthur & Lyn

Celebrating 8 years cancer-free, with no chemotherapy, drugs or radiation!

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