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We had a very happy and busy month of January with the visit of our daughter, Bethany. She is in 2nd year of training to be a midwife in Davao, Philippines and was able to take a short time away. Mercy Maternity Center (www.mercyinaction.org) provides free prenatal care, delivery and postnatal care in a desperately poor area. Bethany has attended over 130 births so far!! We miss her, but are so happy to see her mature and share love with people in another culture. Bethany uses the Auto-Zap often there in the Philippines. We now have sold the Auto-Zap to over 35 countries of the world!

News from our Friends

We were very, very sad to hear of the passing of one of our precious little friends, Trinity Jadunath. She had battled with leukemia and chemotherapy; Trinity finally went home to heaven a few days ago, having just turned three. We love her parents, Elaine and Justin, and are so proud of little “Trinity the Brave.”

We pray that God will bring them His great comfort.

News from Dr. Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark will be speaking and teaching a Syncrometer Course in Toronto, Ontario, Canada March 20 & 21st. Contact Tim to register at 1-949-728-0838.

At Dr. Clark’s request, we will be making Syncrometers for those who want to learn to do their own testing. Some of our first Syncrometers will be sold at this course. Call us if you need one.

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We have just launched our Zapper Course which we are offering as a bonus to all our new customers. It is a 9-part email follow-up to help Auto-Zap owners get the most out of their zapper. We provide tips for successfully using the zapper, pitfalls and things to avoid, natural secrets to boost the effectiveness of the zapper, and details of our own personal health program.

All of our Auto-Zap customers since December, 2003 have been given a special invitation, but if you would like to join in too you are welcome to have it. Subscribe by clicking here


AIDS Drugs Torture Children in New York

by Liam Scheff

The treatment of patients at [Incarnation Children’s Center] currently violates every one of the ethical standards for medical experiments set out by international courts after World War 2.

  • The children at ICC are enrolled in drug trials without their knowledge,
  • And without the consent of their parents or guardians.
  • The experiments are neither safe nor necessary.
  • The drugs used are known to cause disability and death.
  • Children who refuse the drugs are force fed, then surgically altered.

Is this acceptable behavior? Or do we need another Nuremberg Trial to remind ourselves how to be civilized?

The experience of [these New York City] children is not unique. It is mirrored by patients throughout the United States and across the globe who have been made sick by the irrational, profit-driven use of dangerous pharmaceuticals. Informed mothers who try to protect their children from deadly drug therapies are labeled renegades, and risk losing their children to state agencies closely aligned with – and even by funded by – the very companies that produce and sell the drugs.

If this is to stop, it will be up to all of us – citizens, scientists, health advocates, activists, mothers, fathers and family members – to bring this to public attention, to protect the rights of these children, and to remind the medical establishment of their sacred oath: ‘Primum Non Nocere – First, Do No Harm.’

This story is unbelievable, yet TRUE! Do not just read it and get angry. Our hope is that we can help STOP this torture of innocent children for the financial gain of the pharmaceutical giants. If you have media, political or industry connections that might help stop this, please call or write them TODAY. Click here to read the full story of “The House That AIDS Built.”

Study: Wrong diagnoses are killing patients

Many patients in intensive care units are being wrongly diagnosed, according to a study in a UK hospital. Some are dying because doctors fail to spot major conditions such as heart attacks, cancer and pulmonary embolism. The reason, experts say, is not incompetence but that so few post-mortems are now performed that doctors cannot learn from their mistakes.

Fang Gao Smith, a consultant in intensive care medicine at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, and her team checked the accuracy of diagnoses by comparing post-mortem results with patients’ medical records. In 39 per cent of cases, they found major problems had been missed.

Other experts agree. “We have suspected that 30 per cent of diagnoses may not be correct,” says James Underwood, a pathologist at the University of Sheffield and president of the UK’s Royal College of Pathologists. “That’s not to say doctors are not doing their jobs properly. It’s just that even with all the high-tech equipment we have now, it’s not always possible to make the correct diagnosis.”

(19:00 18 February 04 Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition)

Fluoride Danger Link

This site dramatically explains the dangers of fluoride in the water supply. It was produced by a group of health-minded citizens opposing fluoridation in Pinellas County, Florida. See www.aquasafe.us (UPDATE 2011: link is now offline – please see Dr. Schacter’s article and fluoridealert.org instead)

Recipe – Yummy Sesame Seed Squares

  • 2/3 cup honey
  • ¼ cup peanut butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 3 cups sesame seeds
  • 1 ½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut

Mix together the first 4 ingredients. Add sesame seeds and coconut. Mix well with your hands. Press into a 9″ x 12″ (or smaller) baking dish with hands dipped in water. Bake at 300 degrees F for 30-40 minutes. Cool. Cut into squares.

Read our Mail!

(CC refers to our latest product, Ericsson’s Alka-Mine Coral Calcium in sachet form, that you put in your 6-8 cups of water to drink each day)

“I am so glad that my sister told me to buy some CC to help my aching bones. After taking it for just two months, I have found great relief from the Heel Spur that I have had for over thirty years. Every time that I put my foot down it felt like I was stepping on glass, the pain was so bad. During the years I was fitted with many pairs of orthotic insoles to wear in special shoes, but the heel spur and pain remained.

Now to my amazement I can wear any shoe, and no longer have the pain. I also had pain and swelling in my knees, ankles and knuckles. My right hand was so bad that I found it very hard to hold a pen with my fingers, now I can write in comfort. My fingernails used to break and peel, and now they are firm and smooth. CC has done wonders for me, and I will keep taking it” KL, Age 73

That wraps it up for this time! Thank you for allowing us into your home again. If you have any specific questions we can personally answer for you, please contact us.

We wish you the very best in health,

Arthur and Lyn

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