Dental Alert – What Your Dentist Won’t Tell You


Do you want to improve your memory? Increase your mental acuity? Improve your moods? Improve your brain function? Combat ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Heal the pain of arthritis?

Drugs like Ritalin, Prozac and arthritis medications are toxic to the body and do not heal anything. And no drug can really improve your IQ or memory. But there is now a completely safe alternative.

We have discovered a natural mineral dietary supplement called Colloidal Gold. It contains 10 parts per million of 99.99% pure gold in pure water. BUT…ours has the smallest particles of gold ever produced, only 0.65 nanometers in diameter. This makes it FAR more active biologically, because it has 15 to 100 times more surface area than any other gold colloid product available on the market today. Just one teaspoonful per day gives astounding results.

A recent study showed a 20% IQ improvement(!) after taking an inferior Colloidal Gold for only three months. Arthur has taken our super-gold for a month so far and has realized phenomenal results in his memory – mainly names and numbers. He says it is an amazing thing to see your brain function improve.

A friend reports that his accountant has seen great improvement in her ability to study, focus and absorb the material in her Chartered Accountant courses since taking Colloidal Gold. Another person we know has seen great improvement in his mood and general feelings of well-being. We hear reports of improvements in competitive sports, helping with balance and coordination.

If I had a kid with ADD, this would be the first thing I would try. We have seen reports of children with ADD going from academic failure on Ritalin to B+/A averages in just a year with Colloidal Gold.

If I knew someone prone to depression, mood swings, or anyone that needed a boost in their mental capacity, retention, or IQ, I would get them onto Colloidal Gold.

We are selling Colloidal Gold from Best Zapper now. A three month supply (500 ml) will cost you $67 US. We do not have the product information on the website yet.

However, for a limited time until we get it up and running on the website, WE ARE HAVING A PRE-WEBSITE INTRODUCTORY PRICE FOR OUR NEWSLETTER FAMILY OF ONLY $59 US, including air mail. Order it by e-mailing us. Naturally, it carries our money-back guarantee.

UPDATE: We no longer carry Colloidal Gold due to increased shipping charges and supply difficulties here in Canada.


What Your Dentist Won’t Tell You – Because He Doesn’t Know

If you have read Dr. Hulda Clark’s books “The Cure for All Diseases” or “The Cure for All Cancers,” you know that getting the toxic metals out of your teeth (along with killing parasites) is vitally important to the process of getting better from disease. We must provide an unpolluted environment for the body to heal itself.

A number of years ago, we went through the process of having the mercury amalgams removed from our teeth, and had them replaced with a white plastic substance. We were given a list of “safe” substances for filling replacements. We decided to go with a substance from IVOCLAR called Heliomolar. This was said to be compatible with most people and their blood types. Today, this substance is being placed in the mouths of millions of people.

But even our dentist, a pioneer in mercury-free dentistry, DID NOT KNOW the information we discovered.

We decided to do a little research on the Heliomolar fillings before Lyn had another filling. We sent away for the Material Safety Data Sheet. Get this! We discovered “continuous fluoride release” is embedded in the filling material. The company seems very proud of this fact. Yet fluoride is listed in the “Hazardous Ingredients” section.

Because we are trying to eliminate pollutants and toxins from our diet and living spaces, we do not have fluoride put on our teeth when they are cleaned, or use toothpaste with fluoride in it, and we distill contaminants like fluoride out of our drinking water. After all this work, here we discover that we have paid big money to have fluoride placed into our mouths!!

Our dentist was shocked to hear this information! We have faxed him the MSDS sheet. In fact, if anyone else is interested we will be happy to pass on the information to you. Just put MSDS in the subject line, include your fax number, and e-mail us

We are discussing alternatives to Ivoclar, and it seems that Z100 from 3M is another filling material that is safer. It is preferred by Dr. Frank Jerome, who wrote the chapter on dental clean up in Dr. Clark’s book. We are investigating Diamondcrown by Biodent as well, as it is all non-toxic and much stronger. Dr. Benjamin Arechiga, dental surgeon who does work for Dr. Clark’s Century Nutrition clinic, has used Diamondcrown successfully.


Dr. Hulda Clark is on sabbatical right now until further notice. She has earned a chance to rest, refresh and write about her latest discoveries. Please remember her in your prayers. We owe her a great deal.


Dear Sir,
Thank you for being so helpful. These little zappers are certainly great – never get the flu or a cold at all.

My husband continues to find relief from his sinus headaches by using the zapper. He just told his doctor about it yesterday and we are passing your web site info onto him.

Hello Arthur. It’s been a while. We are still zapping for our health. My wife works at Wal-Mart and is constantly around people with flu, colds etc. She zaps at least 3 times a week and has never missed a day of work. Love it.


A New Look at Barleygreen

by Jann Abrams, R.N. and Janet Pauly R.N

“If you’re ever on a sinking ship, grab your life jacket first and then your Barleygreen! If you are washed up on a deserted island, Barleygreen is the only food that can supply all your nutritional needs until you are rescued. You may lose a little weight but for as long as your Barleygreen lasts all of your cells will be well-fed and happy! If you grab your multi-vitamins instead of your Barleygreen, you’d better pray for a quick rescue because synthetic nutrients can never take the place of a whole food.

“Grasses are a complete life sustaining food..if you had to choose one food for survival, it ought to be grass. After all, grass is the primary food for domestic and wild grazing animals and pretty large ones at that—cows, horses, goats, sheep, buffalo, deer, and giraffes. Guinea pigs, chickens, rats and other laboratory animals were loosing weight on our finest vegetables but quickly reversed their downward trends when switched to grass. These animals have long known the truth about grass.” Sportsman Steve Meyerowitz, in Nature’s Finest Medicine, p. 46

“Barleygreen is a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals and also provides all nine essential (not made by the body) amino acids which constitute protein. “Barleygreen has the widest spectrum of all the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins (amino acids) and chlorophyll of ANY source on earth.” Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D. “The variety of vitamins and minerals found in barley essence (Barleygreen) is unmatched by any other single fruit or vegetable.” James Balch, M.D. Urologist and author of best selling book Prescription for Nutritional Healing

“In raw, leafy vegetables, the nutrients are enclosed inside the fibrous cell walls and cannot be directly absorbed.. Juicing extracts the nutrients which are taken directly into the cells, and promptly revive cells which have become distressed.” Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D.

“Regardless of the extent or length of time you have had sick cells, they will make a Herculean effort to improve when given the right nutrients.” Mary Ruth Swope, Ph.D., Nutrition educator

“Barleygreen is the only green powder with maltodextrin, a complex carbohydrate derived from a fermentation process using cornstarch which serves a vital purpose to stabilize the nutrients and prevent oxidation. Because of this it has live enzymes after 3 years on the shelf! Maltodextrin is not a sugar therefore it is safe for diabetics and cancer patients to use.

“Barleygreen is a powerful immune booster and contains potent antioxidants. One of these antioxidants is called alpha-tocopherol succinate, which may be responsible for much of the barley plant’s anti-tumor action… “though its mechanism is unknown, laboratory tests show that alpha tocopherol succinate seems to inhibit several types of cancer including leukemia, brain tumors and prostate cancer. Leukemic cancer cells were exposed to dehydrated barley grass extract which killed virtually all of them. Encouraged, the researchers then subjected brain cancer cells to the extract. It eradicated 30-50% of these cells. In the third trial, the extract inhibited the growth of three types of prostate cancer cells by up to 100%” Allen L. Goldstein, Ph.D., chairman of the Biochemistry Dept at George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Washington, D.C. (our note: now a Barleygreen user)

“Barleygreen is one of the highest natural sources of the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), a super scavenger enzyme, that destroys damaging free radicals and contributes to longevity. (Most SOD on the market is extracted from the liver of cattle.)

Barleygreen also contains D1G1 and P4D1 which make SOD even more effective. Discovered by Dr. K. Kabota, Chairman, Dept. of Pharmacology Science University of Tokyo”

(to be continued in next ZapTimes Newsletter)

God bless you all!

Arthur & Lyn

Celebrating 7 years cancer-free, with no chemotherapy, drugs or radiation!

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