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This month we focus on Serafem/Prozac.

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We have decided to change things a little for this month. We will be providing you with some new information and some sites to look up. This is stuff that is in the news recently and sites that every person who has an open mind and is interested in alternative health should know about. We are going to finish the subject of Toxicity in the Home: Part II next month instead.


This information comes from one of the information newsletters I receive regularly. It is called CSI Offshore and Freedom News.

By William Cooper, Veritas News Service

Eli Lilly, one of the largest drug companies, has mounted one of the greatest consumer deceptions in pharmaceutical history. Lilly is promoting what it calls a new drug, Serafem, for treatment of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, or PMDD in women.

The drug is not new. It has been renamed and repackaged. Serafem is Prozac, the controversial drug that may have caused many people to do some very terrible things, including murder. Prozac is controversial and unpopular. Many people refuse to take Prozac because it has been, rightly or wrongly, linked to violent crimes. In addition, the Eli Lilly patent on Prozac will expire in August of 2001. It is speculated that Eli Lilly developed Serafem with exactly the same molecular makeup as Prozac in order to be able to obtain a new patent and sell the same drug, Prozac, under a new name to treat women with PMDD.

When Lilly’s patent expires profits on Prozac will fall off in steep decline. Other drug companies will manufacture generic versions of Prozac, making it available at very low cost. Doctors will prescribe cheap generic Prozac for the traditional uses of the drug. Doctors will prescribe the newly patented and very expensive Serafem for women with PMDD. The doctors and the women will think that Serafem is a new drug and will pay a very high price.

Some speculate that Eli Lilly hopes to escape the controversy and possible danger that has been linked to Prozac. Can you imagine what might happen to a woman with PMDD, a much more severe form of PMS, who is prescribed Serafem, really Prozac, a drug that has been linked to the commission of violent crimes including murder?

I believe we all have a right to know what we are taking, the dangers involved, and any controversial facts involved with the drugs we take especially if it has been speculated to cause violence in otherwise non-violent people. We should also know if there is a cheaper alternative available. Women should think twice, maybe even three times, before taking Serafem.

CSI’s COMMENT: Just after the turn of the century, the one a hundred years ago, John D. Rockefeller took the fortune he had made, not so ethically according to history, and set about changing the course of medicine. He invested heavily in getting research started with the emphasis on finding drugs for the sick and institutions to teach doctors how to use the drugs. Of course, he then began making the drugs. We could say the rest is history.

Regretfully, it is not. The curse continues.

Well, one might say that was wonderful to discover all the life-saving medicines. The strange thing about this is the fact that after this switch to “drug medicine,” the health of the nation started going down. We all know the many downsides of medical drugs, and books have been written about the untold harm that they have done. With the AMA and the FDA protecting the drug companies, most of which have been controlled by the family, and restricting other therapies from being used by doctors, the scourge continues.

The Rockefellers continue to control the US, seeking its destruction in many different ways. They would have no argument with what Eli Lilly is doing. They might even control it – since they have most of the huge companies dealing in drugs. The *program* is to decrease the population by 80%, so this will be just one more way to get on down that road.

“We, the original sender of this email from CS Offshore at, give full permission to forward this e-mail to as many people as possible.”


New Research Sheds Light on Parkinson’s

This goes to show you that Dr. Hulda Clark knew what she was talking about five years ago when she documented this information. Thanks to Alan and Kathy for passing on this information to me. (November 6, 2000)

Popular organic pesticide linked to Parkinson’s disease can destroy brain neurons: Hundreds of garden products contain this chemical

Brad Evenson, National Post

A U.S. study has found that a common organic pesticide used by gardeners across Canada causes the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in rats.

Released yesterday by the journal Nature Neuroscience, the study supports the growing belief among scientists that chronic exposure to pesticides may contribute to the incidence of Parkinson’s among humans.

About 100,000 Canadians suffer from the brain disease, which results in muscle stiffness and rigidity, and slow and unsteady movement. There is no cure and it is usually fatal. Sufferers include Pope John Paul II, Muhammad Ali and actor Michael J. Fox [and evangelist Billy Graham]. While a few cases are thought to have genetic roots, the cause of the vast majority has never been explained. The main risk factor is age, but the disease is also associated with country living.

Now researchers from Emory University in Atlanta, GA., have shown a widely used pesticide, rotenone, can destroy neurons in the substantia nigra, the brain area that controls movement. Made from the roots of two tropical plants, rotenone is contained in hundreds of common garden products. Sometimes sold as a white powder, it is often used on tomatoes, pears, apples and roses.

“Rotenone is a naturally occurring substance that is eventually degraded in the environment and as such it is considered to be benign compared to many other pesticides,” write Dr. Benoit Giasson and Dr. Virginia Lee, University of Pennsylvania researchers. “The results…are likely to raise new questions about its safety.”

Common brands found in Canada that contain rotenone include Curex Flea Duster, Chem-Mite and Green Cross Warble Powder. The chemical is also used for killing unwanted fish as part of lake-management programs. A few such products include Chem-Fish, Fish Tox and Rotacide.

The discovery widens the growing understanding about Parkinson’s, once thought to be an inherited disease.

Earlier this year, a study presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting found Parkinson’s patients were twice as likely to have been exposed to home pesticides.

In the current study, Dr. Tim Greenamyre and his colleagues at Emory University gave rotenone to rats intravenously. After a period of weeks, the neurons that produce dopamine — a vital brain chemical — were gradually destroyed. The scientists also found abnormal structures in the rat’s brains that closely resemble so-called “Lewy bodies,” protein deposits found in the brains of Parkinson’s sufferers.


Here’s the news behind the news. A reality check on current events. Check it out! Arthur uses this site as his home page.


There are too many sites to list. However, here are a few that I have found to be excellent, and which I have passed on to others. They have good ammunition for not getting the “Flu Shot”, the MMR vaccination for your children, or other shots in general.

What’s In A Shot – updated link November, 2011

Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety – link updated November, 2011

Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute. This site offers one of the world’s largest selections of uncensored vaccine information including up-to-date vaccination laws, vaccine books and other hard to find vaccination resources from around the world. Also offering numerous alternative health solutions.

Why You May Not Want To Vaccinate – link updated November, 2011

National Vaccine Information Centre


AIDS/EBOLA Author Defends Embattled African Presidents: Reports Outbreaks May Be “Man-Made” and CIA-linked. Also, look at


We have recently come back from the AIM International annual convention in Miami Beach, FL. It was a life changing event. We were surrounded with alternative health minded people, and most of them had their “story” to tell. The first supper there we sat with John and Donna Reynolds from TX. Seven years ago, John had a tumor the size of a water balloon in his lower spine. He told us how he went on Barleygreen. He didn’t even change his diet, but took large doses of Barleygreen, and in 6 weeks, his tumor had shrunk to the size of a golf ball. The next meeting I sat next to a lady who had suffered with bone cancer, and now she was perfectly healthy. I heard stories of Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, lots of cancers, asthma, etc. recovering through the use of Barleygreen.

We now consider BarleyPlus the most important food we put into our bodies every day.
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That wraps it up for this month. Please feel free to write us back with any comments or questions, or suggestions for this newsletter. Contact us here. We hope you have a wonderful summer – catching lots of sun and relaxation. God bless you all!

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