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Welcome to all of our Zap Times subscriber family! Some of you are wondering where we have been over the last year. Arthur and I have had a year of changes and growth. One of our kids got married, we moved, we traveled around the world, and our newsletter email system provider went out of business. We tried another company with little success. Finally we are on AWeber, the best email list service in the business (we hope).

Please be patient with us over the next month or so as we get this new system set up correctly. We want to keep everyone in the loop. This has been a rough ride in some ways because Arthur has felt that he has let everyone down. He would try to send out info you wanted, and the system would send out bad links that, when clicked, said there was no such list as ZapTimes there, even though we were!

We so much appreciate the “community” we share in – the natural health movement. We value our health freedom, with natural health solutions , enjoying the non-toxic Dr. Clark lifestyle, and warning everyone about the predators and deception in mainstream pharmaceutical medicine.

We are proud to know Dr. Hulda Clark, and to promote her research and methods. We carry the Professional Auto-Zap zapper, Syncrometer, Food Zappicators, and Tooth Zappicators. Dr. Clark’s updated HIV/AIDS and Prevention of All Cancers books go into detail on these items, and there is new information here on our site at Best Zapper. We are now developing Core Zappicators for direct use on the body. We will tell you more next month, and will also have an exciting new equipment announcement for this fall.

UltraSafe Soap is BACK too

Remember a few years ago we had Solutions-4-You UltraSafe multi-purpose, non-toxic liquid soap? They got sold out during one of the hurricanes and needed to replenish their stock. They are back. Their products are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, organic and safe for the home and environment. No more worrying if we are poisoning our kids and future with solvents and poisons. Even kills wasps!

My other favorite product from Solutions-4-You is Shea butter with lavender. I use it as a general skin moisturizer (that doesn’t make my face break out), and our kids have used it in the Middle East in the desert dry heat. It’s soft and silky smooth. Order direct from this link: The shea butter is at the bottom of the page.

Zapper Questions and Answers

(Note from Arthur: I am not a doctor, and do not diagnose, treat, or cure.)

Q – Recently I read that anyone who has a tendency toward heart rhythm irregularities should not introduce electricity into the body. Do you have any experience with people with this problem using a zapper?
A – The current pulses from the Professional Auto-Zap zapper are so tiny that there is no need to worry that it will affect your heart rhythm, or induce arrhythmia. Even for those with normal implanted electronic pacemakers and insulin pumps there is no need for concern, according to the engineers at Medtronic, the largest maker of such devices. If you have one of the new “smart” implanted cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) you should read and follow the special instructions in the FAQ at before using the zapper.

Q – Does the tooth zapper still work if you have metal fillings?
A – Yes, but Dr. Clark recommends removing the toxic materials like mercury as soon as possible. According to Dr. Clark’s testing with the Syncrometer, the tooth zappicator will help your body clear out the remains of toxic dental materials embedded in the gums and other tissues. It also permanently hardens dentures and plastic fillings so that they do not leak toxins.

Q – Do you provide a certificate that the Professional Auto-Zap zapper is medical equipment, so it can get through airport security?
A – No, because it is not a medical device. We call it a simple electronic signal generator for personal biofeedback research. When traveling by air, Lyn and I usually pack the zapper in checked luggage, and bring aluminum foil foot pads instead of the copper pipe hand holds. No problems so far!

Problem – Recently we got a zapper returned with a note: “The ON button rarely works any more, meaning sometimes it works, but usually does not.”

Solution – When I tested it, I found that the owner had replaced the high quality alkaline 9 volt battery we supply with a “9 volt” rechargeable battery. That battery was only actually a 7.2 volt battery, with 6 NiMH cells inside that put out 1.2 volts each. It was an Energizer NH22N, marked Size: 9 V, and it had the familiar rectangular shape. But in TINY print near the bottom it said “7.2 V” The actual voltage measured 6.48 volts, and the zapper would not start because the built-in automatic battery test will not let the zapper start if the battery is below 6.5 volts. This is 30% above the 5 volt minimum specified by Dr. Clark in her books, and was chosen to ensure that you will always get correct current from a Professional Auto-Zap zapper.

Replacing the battery with the recommended 9 volt alkaline battery restored correct operation, with the Start switch working perfectly every time. Save yourself headaches – use only high quality alkaline 9 volt batteries in your Auto-Zap zapper. You will get 500 hours of use out of each battery, for the lowest battery cost of any zapper. And you will ensure correct and reliable operation.

Health Success – Pancreatic Cancer Story by Connie

See this amazing 5 minute video we filmed right here in the Fraser Valley. Forward this link to anyone you know with cancer concerns!

The sunscreen myth: How sunscreen products actually promote cancer

by Mike Adams

The idea that sunscreen prevents cancer is a myth. It’s a myth promoted by a profit-seeking tag-team effort between the cancer industry and the sunscreen industry. The sunscreen industry makes money by selling lotion products that actually contain cancer-causing chemicals. It then donates a portion of that money to the cancer industry through non-profit groups like the American Cancer Society which, in turn, run heart-breaking public service ads urging people to use sunscreen to “prevent cancer.”

The scientific evidence, however, shows quite clearly that sunscreen actually promotes cancer by blocking the body’s absorption of ultraviolet radiation, which produces vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D, as recent studies have shown, prevents up to 77 of ALL cancers in women (breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, brain tumors, multiple myeloma… you name it). Meanwhile, the toxic chemical ingredients used in most sunscreen products are actually carcinogenic and have never been safety tested or safety approved by the FDA. They get absorbed right through the skin (a porous organ that absorbs most substances it comes into contact with) and enter the bloodstream.

The benefits of sunscreen are a myth. Proponents say sunscreen prevents sunburn, but in fact, the real cause of sunburn is not merely UV exposure: It is a lack of antioxidant nutrition. Start eating lots of berries and microalgae (spirulina, astaxanthin, blue-green algae, etc.), and you’ll build up an internal sunscreen that will protect your skin from sunburn from the inside out. Sunburn is actually caused by nutritional deficiencies that leave the skin vulnerable to DNA mutations from radiation, but if you boost your nutrition and protect your nervous system with plant-based nutrients, you’ll be naturally resistant to sunburn. The same nutrients, by the way, also protect the optic nerve and eyes from radiation damage. That’s why the consumption of berries and carrots, for example, has historically been associated with healthy eye function. (The same nutrients that protect the eyes also protect the skin.)

Medical nonsense
If sunscreen is so bad for humans, you might ask, then why do so many doctors recommend using it? This might be hard for you to believe, but it wasn’t too long ago that doctors routinely recommended smoking cigarettes, too. The Journal of the American Medical Association, in fact, ran numerous ads promoting Camels as “recommended by more doctors than any other cigarette!” Doctors talked up the “benefits” of smoking cigarettes, urging people to start smoking in order to improve brain function or even — get this — make their teeth stronger!

The truth is doctors are easily influenced by commercial interests and can be readily convinced to recommend practically any product, no matter how toxic, unhealthy or deadly to consumers. Just look at how many doctors wrote prescriptions for Vioxx, for example, after being visited by a Vioxx drug rep pushing it as a “miracle drug” for joint pain.

Also keep in mind that doctor-prescribed medications are the fourth leading cause of death in America today. About 100,000 Americans die each year from following the advice of their doctor. Does it really make any sense to get your health advice from a group of professionals who kill more Americans each year than all the terrorists have ever killed in the history of this country? Besides, doctors know that if they start recommending sunlight and vitamin D, they’ll lose patients and profits because people will start getting well and have no need to keep visiting the doctor. Vitamin D, as you will learn in our free report, The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D, prevents not only cancer, but also diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, heart disease and obesity. It’s the miracle nutrient of the millennium, and yet the entire medical profession tries desperately to pretend that vitamin D has no biological function whatsoever. Hence the support of sunscreen (the anti-vitamin D product).

Sunscreen directly promotes vitamin D deficiency. You show me a person who regularly uses sunscreen, and I’ll show you a person who’s on the road towards cancer and other degenerative diseases. People who use sunscreen are killing themselves and they don’t even know it!

The sunscreen marketing con
The marketing of sunscreen is another great example of consumer product companies fabricating a need in order to sell a high-profit product made mostly with toxic chemicals. There is no need for sunscreen, but the cancer industry and sunscreen manufacturers have created a fictitious need through a campaign of fear and disinformation, hypnotizing practically the entire population into believing one of the most ridiculous ideas in the universe: that sunlight is bad for human health.

Think about it. Our ancestors did not have indoor lighting; they exposed their skin to the sun regularly. They didn’t run and hide from the sun, they used it as nourishment to generate a crucial vitamin that supports human health in a multitude of ways. The idea that “the sun is bad for you” makes about as much sense as “water is bad for you” or “the Earth is flat.” This persistent myth was invented, marketed and publicized by an industry that profits from a gullible public believing demonstrable falsehoods.

But why would the cancer industry go along with the deception, you might ask? Because the continued commercial success of the cancer industry depends on more people getting cancer. In previous articles, I’ve clearly shown that the cancer industry has no interest whatsoever in preventing cancer. The industry, in fact, takes steps to interfere with prevention efforts and thereby ensure the growth in the number of future cancer patients.

The American Cancer Society, for example, still will not recommend that anyone take vitamin D supplements, even though the vitamin can prevent nearly 4 out of 5 cancers. The cancer industry simply has no interest in preventing cancer. It is only interested in treating cancer and profiting from those treatments. (That’s why genuine cancer cures have been routinely suppressed, censored or discredited in the United States.) Read my book, Natural Health Solutions and the Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing About Them, to learn the shocking truth about how the cancer industry really operates in America today.

The promotion of sunscreen products is a way for the cancer industry to ensure future profits from the treatment of cancer. The more people use sunscreen products, the more they’ll get cancer. And that’s due to two primary reasons: 1) Sunscreen blocks vitamin D production, a nutrient that strongly prevents cancer, and 2) Sunscreen products almost always contain cancer-causing chemicals that are absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream where they cause severe DNA damage, leading to cancer.

Seven important questions about sunscreen
The next time you see some public service advertisement urging you to smother yourself and your children with sunscreen chemicals, think hard before taking action. Ask yourself these seven commonsense questions:

  1. Is the sun really dangerous to humans? If so, how did humans survive for the last 350,000 years on planet Earth?
  2. Have the chemicals used in sunscreen products ever been safety tested or approved by the FDA? (The answer is no.)
  3. Who financially benefits when you keep buying and using sunscreen products?
  4. What is the environmental impact of sunscreen chemicals washing off into the ocean, a lake, a swimming pool or being washed down the drain in your shower?
  5. Sunscreen manufacturers say the skin doesn’t absorb their chemicals. If that’s true, then how do nicotine patches work? How do transdermal drugs get absorbed through the skin if sunscreen chemicals don’t? (Answer: ALL these chemicals get absorbed through the skin. The skin is not selective about what it chooses to absorb.)
  6. If the sun is so dangerous, then why is the vitamin generated by sunlight (vitamin D) so healthy for humans? Why would humans evolve a mechanism for generating a vitamin from sunlight if we weren’t supposed to be exposed to sunlight in the first place?
  7. If sunlight is so dangerous, then why is virtually every living creature on planet Earth dependent on sunlight for survival? Plants use sunlight to generate their nutrition, too, and most animals eat either plants or other animals that originally ate plants. Nearly all life on planet Earth is powered by sunlight. Why does the cancer industry believe sunlight causes death when, in reality, sunlight delivers life?

Once you answer these questions, the reality of the situation becomes obvious: Sunlight is good for you, and sunscreen is a hoax. printable article @
Originally published June 15 2007


What to do if You Get The Flu
Using a zapper to prevent the flu (and other illnesses) is obviously your best medicine.

But if you do get the flu, one of the most important and simple things you can do is to use hydrogen peroxide in your ears. Yes folks, simple hydrogen peroxide, about a half of a capful in each ear, several times a day, is more than likely to abort the flu reaction. I didn’t believe it when I first saw it, but I have now seen many hundreds of cases that have been rapidly aborted with the use of hydrogen peroxide.
— Dr. Mercola

Other Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide (3% Food Grade) sent to us by different readers:
Canker Sores – swish 1 small capful in your mouth for 10 minutes each day, then spit out.
Foot Fungus – Spray 50/50 mixture on toes every night, then let dry
Infections – Soak any infection for 5-10 minutes several times each day.
Toothache – Swish a capful in your mouth around your tooth and watch the pain lessen.
Natural Hair Highlights – Spray 50/50 water/3% peroxide mix on wet hair after a shower and comb through. Slow process but works.
Whiten Laundry – Put a cup in the laundry to brighten the laundry. Apply to blood stains directly and rinse.

Cataract Cure?
Do you know that young coconut water can cure cataract. It is an old remedy that people in remote areas of Sabah still use, people in town are only interested in modern medicine. I have seen with my own eyes, someone cured of early stages of cataract after washing the eyes three times a day with young coconut water. HT, Malaysia (a customer)

NATURAL HEALTH RECIPE – Curried Wild Rice Salad
(by Glen McGregor)

1 cup wild rice
1 cup black currants
1 cup unsalted cashews or pecans (or other nuts)
1 cup chick peas
½ cup sliced green onions
1 red pepper chopped

Dressing: 2/3 cup mayonnaise (or healthy alternative)
1 tbsp curry powder
1 tbsp regular prepared mustard
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp cider vinegar
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Cooking Directions: Wash 1 cup wild rice, add to 2 cups boiling water, turn heat to low and cook for 45 minutes. Drain off any remaining water, let the wild rice stand for a few minutes (a heavy pot works best). Pour dressing over rice mixture, mix and chill.
This recipe can be made ahead and will last a week in the fridge.


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Zapper and SuperZappicatorREAD OUR MAIL

Hi Arthur, I have one of your Auto Zap zappers and it is the greatest. I really like the light that tells if you are making good contact. I use it every day, many times a day. Thank you so much,

The Auto-Zap is not just great. You see I have used two different Zappers in the last 2 or 3 years. One I found out … that when I turned it off…It went to 9 volts, and did not turn off at all ??? “I WAS MORE THEN SHOCKED” Auto-Zap is a real system, and I checked it the same way, but more importantly, in just over 2 weeks, I had 2 growths, or hard bumps on my right wrist. The one on the underside is gone. The one on top of my wrist is already half its size. I not only know your Zapper is working right…I have already seen and feel a difference. Thank You both.
Byron in Oregon

That wraps it up for this time! Thank you for allowing us into your home again. If you have any specific questions we can personally answer for you, please contact us.

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