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Our niche is Dr. Clark’s research and her methods. We carry the Syncrometer, Food Zappicators, and Tooth Zappicators.

The updated HIV/AIDS and Prevention of All Cancers books go into detail on these items, and there is new information on this site.

We get many people calling and asking for information on their zappers they have either made or purchased from a kind friend, or some other place. We are not able to fix other zappers, coach you on the phone regarding these units, or offer support. We speak for and fully support the Auto-Zap with our 3-month money-back guarantee and our 5-year parts and labor warranty. We have a simple Zapper Comparison Chart of zappers on the market to illustrate some of the major differences.

Does Dr. Clark have a Research Association?

Another thing we need to clarify, for all the people who phone us.

Does Dr. Clark have a Research Association?


A privately owned, separate business operates in Switzerland under the name, “Dr. Clark Research Association,” (www.drclark.com)and does not work with or speak for Dr. Clark. Their website is NOT Dr. Clark’s website, as believed by many. Dr. Clark’s personal and ONLY website is: www.huldaclark.net Check it out: you will see that she explains that that is her only website. The business that calls itself her Research Association operates to make money like every other business, so do not be fooled by the name, or the pictures of Dr. Clark on the site. They now have set up a separate site to handle testimonials etc. and they solicit donations. Please do not be deceived into thinking that this supports Dr. Clark herself. We have run into many trusting people who have fallen into this deception unknowingly.

On the website we have just added a “Health Success Stories” email newsletter. You will receive encouraging updates with stories of real people who have survived cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia and pain, etc. etc. Subscribe by clicking here. There is no charge for this service.


Good News! We have received a solid approval from Dr. Hulda Clark for our Tooth Zappicator. She has tested it and says “Congrats on a fine product!”

Using her syncrometer, Dr. Clark has found that the tooth zappicator renders many mouth toxins and pathogens harmless. In the latest edition of “The Cure for HIV and AIDS,” page 232, Dr. Clark says:

The tooth zappicator is held in place on top of the tooth ridge for three to five minutes. A surge of immune power is induced, which removes lanthanides, other metals, solvents, plastic remnants and bacteria all at once. You should have taken germanium, selenite and vitamin C beforehand.

If you have locations in the jawbones that appear infected or “soft” on your X-ray, treat them next. They will have bio-accumulations of old toothpaste, mouthwash, dental impression compound, etc. Treat the whole tooth ridge, a segment at a time. Repeat on inner and outer surfaces of the gums, making three sets of treatments altogether. Don’t miss the remaining teeth themselves. Even when you are not able to search for them first, most hidden cavitations can be systematically cleared by zappicating the whole upper and lower jawbone. Do it yourself to be sure it is thorough.

After three zappicating treeatments, the plastic teeth no longer seep dyes, and the stray amalgam that has saturated the tooth will be chemically changed so that it can be removed by the immune system. Tattoos are not removed.

Only a North Pole force coming from the loudspeaker has this effect. Be sure to test the polarity of the loudspeaker with your compass before using it. There are no side effects, but remind yourself of what you are doing: chasing all the metal, plastic and bacteria into your white blood cells and to the kidneys for excretion. Help the process with germanium, selenite, vitamin C, kidney magnets and a lot of fluid to drink.

On page 233 and 234 she adds instructions for using the tooth zappicator to harden plastic teeth and the soft tissues of the month. Dr. Clark says a low frequency zapper is more effective with the tooth zappicator than a 30 kHz unit. When I
asked her about using our Auto-Zap at 2.5 kHz, she said it works very well.

Our Tooth Zappicator is a high quality handle with a specially selected North Pole magnetic speaker on the end. The Tooth Zappicator is ruggedly built, and wired to ensure correct North polarization when hooked up to the Auto-Zap zapper.

We test each Tooth Zappicator to ensure that it has the correct polarization specified by Dr. Clark, and cover it with a 5-year parts and labor warranty. We include a magnetic compass so you can test the polarity yourself, as Dr. Clark recommends.

You can purchase the Tooth Zappicator from the Zapper Store.

UPDATE 2011:
the Tooth Zappicator and Food Zappicator have both been replaced by one amazing device that does it all: the new FreeCoil SuperZappicator!
Combined with our ultra-fast AutoZap 5 zapper, this new SuperZappicator is easier to operate, more effective, powerful and durable than ever.
See the new SuperZappicator here and find out what makes our Zappers and Zappicators so popular!

If you also need the Auto-Zap zapper to power it, we have a combination special price that saves you $10 over purchasing them separately. Check it out at the Zapper Store.

SUN EXPOSURE GOOD FOR CANCER – Journal of the National Cancer Institute

When Arthur first had malignant melanoma, we believed that direct sunlight was bad. He never went outside without his shirt or sunscreen. Now we know that lotions and UV blockers are toxic, and that sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. It’s been hard to explain that to most people because the suntan lotion companies and the media have convinced us that we will get cancer if we don’t use sunscreen, or cover up.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute (Feb. 2/05 Issue) has come out with two studies in which they have found that sun exposure may have a beneficial influence on certain cancers.

One study found an association between sun exposure and increased survival from melanoma, while the other found an association between sun exposure and a reduced risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

After studying over 500 patients, Marianne Berwick, Ph.D., M.P.H. of the University of New Mexico concluded “that sun exposure is associated with increased survival from melanoma.”

Karin Ekstrom Smedby of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and colleagues conducted a population-based, case-control study in Denmark and Sweden on more than 3,000 lymphoma patients. It was found that increased exposure to UV radiation through sunbathing and sunburns was associated with a decrease, rather than an increase, in the risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


HEART SUCCESS – Personal Story of Bill White

Here is the story of Bill White, Abbotsford, BC, Canada, written by his wife, Patti. He is a personal friend of ours. You can see why we are so excited about the power of this simple fruit juice.

My husband has been taking mangosteen juice since the 9th of March of this year. Just to give you some background, my husband had a 5 artery bypass in 1995, a pacemaker installed in 2000 and he has had diabetes for the last 15 years {and takes insulin shots twice a day}. He also has high blood pressure. In 2002 he had an angiogram, which showed that of the 5 bypassed arteries, only 2 were working. Needless to say his health has been of concern, but he does not give in and we have a very active life style. Dancing 3 to 4 times a week and golfing every chance we get. Incidentally Bill (my husband) is 79.

In January of this year his pulse rate went from the high 70’s to the mid 30’s, this caused us some concern so we went to check on the pacemaker. It was OK, but his heart wasn’t filling up properly with blood to register on our blood pressure machine, which also registers his pulse rate. He was scheduled to have an Echocardiogram on the 5th of April.

On March 9th, he started taking 3 ounces a day of XanGo. When he went for his Echocardiogram, the technician was absolutely amazed at the improvement in Bill’s heart. He had been taking these tests for the past 3 years so he was aware of Bill’s heart and the condition it had been in. He said, “I don’t know what medication you are on, but whatever it is, keep on taking it.” Bill’s Doctor also was familiar with Mangosteen and told Bill to continue with it. We realized that his pulse rate had come up to its previous high and that his insulin intake was down to half what he had been taking, He had not taken anything other than his regular medications.

Bill had to take Nitro pills to be able to walk the par 3 golf course that we played last year, but last month we golfed at a long par 72 course that took us five hours to walk, and Bill did not have one chest pain or had to take any Nitro, in fact he hasn’t had a Nitro pill for 6 weeks.


Because of the success reports of many others just like Bill, we have now added mangosteen juice to the products we handle. See the full review at bestzapper.com/mangosteen/ – we feel that mangosteen juice provides excellent anti-tumor effects for cancer patients, and anti-inflammatory effects for those suffering chronic pain and inflammatory conditions. People with inflammatory bowel diseases and digestive disorders, Alzheimer’s and allergies are getting good benefits from the juice. We take it every day as prevention, for half what we used to spend on vitamins!


Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Look out! According to the American Gastroenterological Association News Release April 1, 2005, “Men who undergo radiation for prostate cancer have nearly double the risk of developing rectal cancer when compared to men who opt to have surgery to treat prostate cancer.”

So what is the percentage risk? The AGA states that the risk is 70% higher for developing rectal cancer than those who just went for the surgery. Nancy Baxter, MD, PhD, lead study author with the University of Minnesota Cancer Center states: “This is the first time rectal cancer risk associated with prostate radiation has been quantified, and these findings may also have implications for patients treated with radiation for other pelvic cancers.”

Radiation is dangerous, but is surgery really any better?

Back in Sept. 2004, we quoted from an NBC News Report (May 11, 2004) on the subject of prostate surgery. According to Dr. Simon Hall, chairman of the Urology Dept. at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York, “.the side effects are not fully explained to a patient in detail..not all doctors are equally skilled..impotence is almost 90 percent of patients.” Dr. Hall goes on to say, “That number may be slightly high, but there is no question that prostate-cancer treatment is taking a bigger toll than many men realize.”

The impotence combined with the urinary incontinence makes the surgery option look pretty grim! No wonder we are trying to help people take care of their health and become proactive and live preventatively.

If you think the cost of some supplements is expensive, then try the cost of surgery and radiation.
If Arthur had prostate cancer today, we would do the following things: use the Auto-Zap zapper, follow Dr. Clark’s clean-ups and drink as much mangosteen juice as possible.


Hi Folks,
Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I were somewhat skeptical. But we tried your Auto-Zap and my wife’s severe pain (fibromyalgia) she was having “deep in (her) bones” is no longer a problem as long as she zaps regularly. Thank you very much. –BS


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Arthur and Lyn Doerksen

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