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Thank you for all your phone calls, letters and encouragement. Yes, we are real people who usually answer the phone when you call. Although we specialize in Dr. Clark’s research and methods, we constantly keep up-to-date on breakthroughs in the field of “natural health” and non-toxic alternatives. Check for updates at Best Zapper.

Arthur recently celebrated his birthday, so we signed up for the gym (fitness and workout). As he was running on the treadmill the other day, Arthur commented that 25 years ago this would have been impossible because of the tormenting asthma he got every time he tried to exercise. Thankfully, he no longer has any trace of asthma or allergies and enjoys an active life. What a blessing!

We are hoping to upgrade the website soon. Any experts out there?

We now carry the Sync-Rho-Meter, Food Zappicators, and Tooth Zappicators. The updated HIV/AIDS and Prevention books go into detail on these items, and there is also information on our site at Best Zapper.


A food zappicator is a plastic box with specially polarized magnetic speakers mounted under the top. It is powered by a low frequency zapper, for example the Auto-Zap Professional zapper which you can find in our Zapper Store. Food is placed on top, and it is powered by the zapper signal for 5 to 20 minutes.

Dr. Clark refers to “Zappication” as an electromagnetic process which renders most toxins harmless. In her book “The Cure for HIV and Aids“, page 244, Dr. Clark says:

Some things it destroys are: parasite eggs and stages, bacteria and viruses, prions found in dairy products and meats…

She says this about fruits and vegetables:

Most are sprayed with combinations of wax, dye, pesticide, antisprouter, antimold, etc. Azo dyes (Fast Green and Fast Garnet) are present in most sprays, as are lanthanide metals. They penetrate the food deeply. But double soaking in hot water for one minute [each soak] removes it. Even organic bananas, pears, plums and grapefruit must be double soaked this way. Peeling is not sufficient. Then zappicate them to destroy food phenolic chemicals, parasite filth and leftover traces of sprays. Always zappicate the final product unless you know each item has already been treated. Zappication does not destroy most vitamins or change food in noticeable ways. It does oxidize some minerals. Some things it destroys are: parasite eggs and stages, bacteria and viruses, prions found in dairy products and meats…

We now have Food Zappicators in stock at the Zapper Store, which fit perfectly with Dr. Clark’s specifications. They are a perfect companion to the Auto-Zap Zapper. Get more Food Zappicator information here.

SPECIAL! We have a limited number of Food Zappicators which are functionally perfect, but have appearance flaws on the top surface. We are offering them at a significant discount, including air mail to the US or Canada. Remember that you need the zapper in order to run the Food Zappicator.


This document, taken from Dr. Clark’s latest book “The Prevention of All Cancers,” is available for anybody who is interested. Just be aware that this is a long list, and it may look a little scary to some people.

It is available in the Best Zapper Library section.


Did you know that a small purple fruit from southeast Asia could outperform chemotherapy drugs and kill cancer cells?

The official study is called “Garcinone E, a Xanthone derivative, has potent cytotoxic effect against hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines” by Ho CK Huang YL, Chen CC, Department of Medical Research and Education, Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, ROC, Nov. 2002. Extracted compounds from the rinds (peel) of the mangosteen fruit were tested in a laboratory on liver cancer, stomach and lung cancer cell lines. “Our results have shown that one of the xanthones derivatives which could be identified as garcinone E has potent cytotoxic effect on all HCC cell lines as well as on other gastric and lung cancer cell lines.. It is a technical 5-page report with graphs and data. This laboratory study backs up what we are seeing, and many people have experienced – that the mangosteen whole fruit as a whole food holds amazing potential for any cancer patient.

There are many other studies on this fruit that are available on www.pubmed.com. Type in xanthones or mangosteen and you will see the list that comes up. We don’t need studies to show us that food is our medicine – we already knew that. It just gives some people comfort to know that this food is thoroughly researched and totally non-toxic.

We drink 1 oz. once or twice a day to maintain good health, and if we had a health challenge, we would take more. Health conditions that typically respond well to the juice are: chronic pain and/or inflammation, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, migraine headaches, asthma/allergies, IBD and colitis, and heart disease, psoriasis, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.


Stop Smoking Addiction

This is worth a try. It came to us from Doug Smith in a news group we participate in.

Plantain Tea is used in all the quit smoking kits you take orally. I took it straight up and it became pretty easy for me to quit. It takes the craving away as it cleans out the system. It has been called the tea for whatever you need it for…The plant grows all over and is available in a lot of places.

We suggest that you place a teabag in a pot, pour boiling water over and steep for 3-7 minutes. Drink. Let us know how it works!

Note: Mangosteen Juice is also known to help people overcome addictions, including nicotine.


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Dear Arthur,

Thank you very much for your time you put into the Zapper Course lessons. I am very satisfied with the Auto-Zap zapper and my health is improving. I used to have a whitish screen on my tongue. Since I have used the Auto-Zap my tongue has become pink as a healthy tongue should look like. I am continuing to use the Zapper. Best regards, vp

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That wraps it up for this time! Thank you for allowing us into your home again. If you have any specific questions we can personally answer for you, please contact us.

We wish you the very best in health!

Arthur and Lyn Doerksen

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