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Hello again!  We are back with the latest tips and information for you who are trying to follow the Hulda Clark Method, and those who want to keep up on the best natural health info.We have a new contest, and a Dr. Clark exclusive for you today which is a new videocalled “How To Feed Your White Blood Cells”.


Arthur using the zapper while riding his unicycleWe are looking for a picture of your most unique zapping experience. Email a digital picture of your unusual zapping experience to us, along with your name and address.  Share your story, your challenges and results. We will collect them, and feature some of them in future ZapTimes newsletters!! We will give a $100 Best Zapper gift certificate each month, starting in March.

Our Hulda Clark community is growing all the time, and we would love to see the bonding of different countries represented by this health experience. The creativity you show in solving challenges will encourage others to experiment more boldly.

Arthur has paved the way and you can see his picture here – zapping at Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, while doing his favorite sport – unicycling.  Let him know if you’d like a video of this!


In Dr. Clark’s new book, called The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, she gives the details of feeding your white blood cells on pages 151 to 153.  Dr. Clark reminds us that our white blood cells (WBCs) require good nutrition to do their jobs.  In fact, she says that the nutrients for your WBCs are “the most important supplements of the whole program.”  If they are not fed what they need, your WBCs will just wait until they receive the germanium, selenium and vitamin C they must have to function.  When fed, they immediately go to work, destroying invading parasites and pathogens as well as cleaning garbage out of your body.

Feed your white blood cells three times a day. To feed your WBCs,  take a teaspoon of hydrangea root (or safe [zappicated] raw nuts or peanut butter) for organic germanium, a large Brazil nut for organic selenium, and a teaspoon of ground rose hips. Also take a teaspoonful of currants 3 times a day.  The best sources for rose hips are San Francisco Herbs at (item number CO1435 or C1435) or FIXME AFFIL

The WBC’s respond immediately, in ten seconds, so you can take these foods just before zapping. Put the rose hips in large vegecaps if you wish, put them on cereal or salads, or take them with water. The new book has a lot more detail, but this will get you started.

Zapper Q & A with Arthur

(Please note that we are not medical doctors and do not diagnose, treat or cure.)

Q. Dear Arthur, I’ve been using your zapper for about 2 years now and feel it’s been a great help in my life. I’ve always seen it help with friends of mine who had different severe health issues, ranging from TB to HIV infection. There is however one other issue that has recently come up and that is a friend of mine who was Hepatitis B diagnosed recently. I wonder if you have experience with people using your zapper for curing/reducing the virus and I would be so grateful to hear your feedback on this. Thanks so much for your help in advance. Please keep up your good work! All the best, RB

A. Dear RB, Thanks for the kind remarks!  We have had good reports from Hep B customers who zap regularly.  Some have also used colloidal silver (see for the one I recommend as the best in the world, by far) at a tablespoonful once or twice a day, as well as zapping.  Far safer than the drug therapies, with excellent reports.  Blessings!  Arthur

Q. I am interested in zapping, but I need to know if this would be safe for me. I have had a lung transplant in 2005. It is in chronic rejection. I have recently picked up an intestinal virus, and was put in the hospital to have my immunosuppressant and chemo medication put in through my veins. I am so concerned because my white blood cell count is very low and they took me off the methrotrexate. Can you help me? D.

A. Dear D, I would use the zapper, SuperZappicator and Dr. Clark’s cleanses in a heartbeat if I were in your shoes. I would also get onto XanGo mangosteen juice, at least half an ounce with each meal. See more at

It seems ironic that you ask if zapping is safe, when you have been taking deadly poisons from doctors directly into your veins.  Chemo drugs are all poisons, and methotrexate is an “anti-metabolite,” meaning that it stops metabolism, or life. Lyn and I do all we can do to feed our bodies foods bursting with vibrant LIFE!


Hello Arthur, it’s Linda with the lung Candida and the nasty parasite in my lungs.  As you know, I was going to use the zappicator every day and zap my produce and fish, which I have done.

As promised I am writing you with the results of my latest ED screening.  My lung Candida went from a +37 to a -7.  Zero being perfect.  So I really have it on the run after months of Candida diet, nebulizing with colloidal silver, major probiotics and an army of natural antifungals in rotation.  All of which have been battling it slowly.  I really feel that the zappicator effectively helped to eliminate some of the fungus, all other things being equal.  I even slipped from my Candida diet a few times to give it a good test.

As for the parasites, I usually have at least 4 or 5 parasites at a screening even using a parasite cleanse daily.  And they are the bad ones, the ones that hang on and cause havoc in your body.  This reading, not only did I get rid of the Paragonimus Westermani (lung parasite), but I was 100% free of parasites.  That has NEVER happened in the 4 years I’ve been having the screenings.  I zapped my strawberries especially well, because they are well known to carry a multitude of parasites (probably where I get most of them).  Not only did they have a longer life (which tells me the parasites are doing the damage) but I had one to eat the morning before the screening and still no parasites.  Proof positive that the zappicator does actually kill the parasites in food.

Also, I had very few bacteria and viruses, which I am giving the zappicator credit for.

As you can guess, I am very pleased with my new zappicator and have recommended it to a couple of my friends, who are very interested.

Thank you for all of your hard work and God Bless.


Linda, Tennessee


We can’t wait to hear your unusual zapping stories.  Send them to us by email!  Please include good pictures if you can.

That’s it ’till next time.
God bless you!

Arthur & Lyn Doerksen