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Spring is here

On the West Coast of Canada it is time to think of the garden, organic vegetables, spring cleaning, and staying healthy.

Because of our hectic pace, it is easy to slip back into the lifestyle that brought us disease – eating out of a can, a box or a jar. I have to keep reminding myself why I am doing the things I do for my health: zapping every other day, juicing raw vegetables, exercising every day and eating as much raw food as possible.

I remind myself that:

  • I used to have asthma frequently, and now I don’t
  • I used to have cancer and now I am cancer free
  • I used to creak out of bed in the morning, and now I leap!
  • I can do more now (at 51) than when I was 25
  • My wife had panic attacks and was an emotional wreck, and now she enjoys vibrant mental and physical health

We thank God every day for our good health.


A recent article from the www.news.com.au site (April 12, 2001) described one person’s personal nightmare with a parasite. A lady, Dawn Becerra, a teacher from California who was holidaying in Mexico ate a pork taco from a street stand. She was ill for three weeks, developed seizures, and finally saw the brain surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mrs. Becerra was conscious throughout the six-hour operation where they used acupuncture and a mild anesthetic to dull the pain. They removed the remains of a dead worm that had come from the taco she ate. She commented, “The thought of a worm being in your brain is very strange, very difficult to deal with. All of a sudden, I realized that they were going to cut open my brain and take a worm out. I don’t even know if I had cried before this.”

The epilepsy specialist, Joseph Sirven, said that Mrs. Becerra was fortunate that there was only one worm, because they can take over the entire brain if you have enough of them. Dr. Sirven said, “It was not a live worm. It’s the remnants that cause the problem, not the live worm.”


NOTE: Do you wonder why Lyn and I always travel with our zapper and use it frequently on the road? Worms and parasites are often carried via undercooked food. They travel throughout the bloodstream, and are encouraged to set up residence in our body by the chemicals and pollutants found in our body products etc. and cause us ill health and many diseases.

The Auto-Zap is the perfect companion to counter the parasites, bacteria and viruses that come into our bodies.


We have juiced vegetables for over 15 years. When I first was diagnosed with cancer in 1987 we made some changes in our lifestyle. One of them was to buy a Champion juicer, and use it to juice raw vegetables and fruits.

After extensive reading on the subject of juicing, we realized that it is not how much good stuff we eat, but what our body _absorbs_ of what we eat that builds healthy cells. We found out that since our body is a living organism made of living cells, we require living food to function properly. Juices in themselves do not heal. What they do is provide us with concentrated building materials in an instantly absorbable form so that our body can heal itself.

Eating the whole food with the fiber requires digestion to separate out the fiber. Only 10 to 35% of the nutrients are available after digestion, compared to 60 to 90% if juice is taken instead. And fresh juice, with all the natural enzymes present, can be absorbed into your bloodstream within ten minutes of drinking it! Vegetable and fruit juices are a perfect live food in concentrated form. The first book we read was “Make Your Juicer Your Drug Store,” by Dr. Laura Newman. After reading this book my wife decided that dandelion greens have wonderful nutrients, and she began including organic dandelion greens in our salads.

We are taught that a healthy diet should include five to seven servings of vegetables and at least two servings of fruits per day. Fruits are juicy and easy to eat, but how can we take in all those vegetables?

My wife began juicing vegetables – carrots were the main ingredient at first, but we began to read about the great nutritional value in beets including the greens, and spinach. Now, she grows a vegetable garden with lots of kale (rich in iron and vitamin A), parsley (rich in vitamin A and C, B and iron), beets (a good blood cleanser and builder), and spinach (rich in vitamins A, E and iron). The hardy parsley and kale plants usually survive the winter and continue growing in early spring.

In fact, we often pick and eat handfuls of raw parsley in the middle of the mild B.C. winter!

Experts tell us that unless we consume 65 – 75% of our food raw we are not getting enough vitamins, minerals and enzymes to have maximum health. And just popping vitamins or supplements will never replace the nutrition in the raw fresh food. There are many nutrients that even the best chemical companies have never been able to identify or bottle. In addition, Dr. Clark has identified toxic chemicals in most of the vitamins we find – even in our health food stores. So – we have to juice.


Concentrated Nutrients

The nutrients stay in the juice. When we remove the fiber, we get a lot of nutrition in dense form, thus allowing us to consume more than if we had to physically chew and digest the whole vegetable.


Digestion takes energy and time. Our body can only assimilate the nutrients in proportion to how well our digestive system is working. Therefore, if we bypass the digestive system by removing the fiber, then the nutrients will be able to go straight into the bloodstream. This gives our body the maximum benefit (60 – 90% of nutrients reach cellular level, as opposed to 10 – 35% when the fiber is left in).


Enzymes are vital to our health. They enable food digestion, brain function, cellular energy production and repair. Even heating food slightly (over 107 degrees Fahrenheit) will destroy the enzymes (this destruction of enzymes by heat is a primary reason that human life ceases at body temperatures over 107 degrees). It is important that we consume plenty of fresh vegetable and fruit juices to obtain enough live enzymes for health.

Complete Nutrition

When you juice, you get the whole package deal. You get all the nutrients found in the fruits and vegetables, in their own naturally occurring combinations. There are nutrients there that you will never find in a vitamin pill. The nutritional package is straight from the hand of God – pretty close to perfect.


“If you want to be healthier, have more energy, slow the aging process, keep your immune system in tip-top shape, and give your body the ammunition it will need to help you counteract disease, then JUICE.”


Find juicing difficult sometimes? We do, and that’s why we supplement daily with Barleygreen. It is a dry powder form of the juice of the young organically grown barley plant, and contains the highest density of nutrients of any food that we know of today. It contains 16 vitamins, 23 minerals and at least 20 live and kicking enzymes. Lyn and I consider Barleygreen the most important food we put into our bodies every day.

Can a person take Barleygreen while on medication? Yes, as long as the doctor has not forbidden the eating of salads or green vegetables. For more complete information on Barleygreen, see bestzapper.com/green-drink.html We wholeheartedly recommend it.

Recommended books to read on juicing:

Have a healthy, juicy summer!

Arthur & Lyn

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