Best Zapper News Update #29

Welcome! Lyn and I are back from a very interesting and inspiring time with Dr. Clark in Mexico. We are still digging out from the mountain of information we received, and catching up with our eager customers who sent in questions for Dr. Clark.

This trip was the first time we got to personally visit the head office of New Century Press in Chula Vista. Manager Linda Carter gave us a quick tour and shared some sweet Dr. Clark insights. Linda is a joy to know, cheerful and efficient. Check out the wide range of books offered by New Century Press at New Century Press – you will be amazed.

We were also very impressed by the great folks at, and the close relationship they enjoy with Dr. Clark.

We will be sharing insights from our trip over the next few issues of ZapTimes, along with Dr. Clark’s answers to some of your questions. This issue is short because we have just been spending a lot of time with Arthur’s folks. His wonderful Dad, John Doerksen, went home to Jesus last week, when a replacement aortic valve designed to last 12-15 years finally wore out after 22 years. It was a wonderful, peaceful time, and we held his hand to the end.

Break the Chain That Causes Cancer

In her last two books, Dr. Clark has described a chain of 10 causes or “links” that ALL must be present for cancer to become established in our bodies.

The keys to breaking the links are:

  1. Stop eating foods with chlorogenic acid
  2. Stop eating foods with phloridzin
  3. Stop eating foods with gallic acid or propyl gallate
  4. Eliminate strongyloides worms
  5. Eliminate clonorchis, the human liver fluke
  6. Eliminate eurytrema, the pancreatic fluke
  7. Stop eating onion, garlic and mustard
  8. Stop eating oats regularly
  9. Eliminate fasciola
  10. Eliminate ascaris

Breaking the chain at a few links prevents cancer from forming or thriving.

We can only touch on this subject here, as it takes over 100 pages (pages 81-184) to describe the details in the new Cure and Prevention of All Cancers. We hope to add lessons on each link in the chain to our Clark MiniTraining course soon. In the meantime, please note that the first three links are all food chemicals, found in fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, oils and even most maple syrup!

How can we break these three links? It is hard to avoid all of these for the rest of your life. To clear these chemicals from food Dr. Clark suggests boiling rapidly for 5 minutes. For many foods, this is not really an option (e.g. fruits). BUT – there is another way. I was delighted to recall that these same three chemicals (chlorogenic acid, phloridzin and gallic acid) are neutralized by zappicating food, as Dr. Clark describes in The Cure for HIV and AIDS, pages 244-245. In other words, based on Hulda Clark’s research, proper food zappication can take out the first THREE links of the cancer causation chain.

This is very welcome news! I hope this encourages all of us to get into the simple habit of zappicating our food regularly. Of course, she writes that zappicating food will also give the other benefits of neutralizing parasites and bacteria as well, and this is good insurance given the recent scares about dangerous bacteria in our food supply.

If you need a food zappicator, check out our new Super Zappicator here. With twice the power of our Food Zappicator, it is great for food, as well as direct use on the body. Remember that you need to power the Super Zappicator with an AutoZap zapper for best results. Order here to save $30 on the Auto-Zap & Super Zappicator combo.

Sex Drugs Can Make You Deaf

(NaturalNews) The FDA has announced an immediate change to the labeling of drugs in a family that includes popular impotence drugs, warning that they may lead to sudden, severe and potentially permanent hearing loss.

The erectiIe dysfunction drugs in the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) class include Pfizer’s Viagra, Eli Lilly’s Cialis and GlaxoSmithKline’s Levitra. Also receiving a label change will be blood pressure drug Revatio.

The FDA reviewed side effect reports on the drugs after a case study was published in the Journal of Laryngology & Otology in 2007, reporting that a 44-year-old man had suffered sudden hearing loss after only 15 days on Viagra. Upon review, the FDA uncovered 29 post-approval reports of patients undergoing sudden hearing loss from PDE5 drugs. In two-thirds of cases, the hearing loss appeared to be permanent. Hearing loss was sometimes, but not always, accompanied by dizziness or ringing in the ears. The majority of cases involved only one ear.

“Because some level of hearing loss is usually associated with the aging process, patients on these drugs may not think to talk to their doctor about it,” said Janet Woodcock, the FDA’s chief medical officer.

The FDA advises all patients on PDE5 erectiIe dysfunction drugs to stop taking the medication immediately upon the first sign of sudden hearing loss, and to seek immediate medical care.

“Because Revatio is used to treat a potentially life-threatening condition, the FDA does not recommend [that] patients abruptly stop taking this medication,” the agency said. Such patients “should consult their physician if they experience sudden problems with their hearing.”

“The fact that the FDA is just now finding out about the risk of sudden hearing loss from impotence drugs demonstrates the failure of its drug approval process to identify serious health risks before drugs are approved,” said consumer health advocate Mike Adams. “The truth is that most newly-approved prescription drugs are unleashed upon the population as large-scale experiments, and neither the drug’s manufacturer nor the FDA really has any idea of the true dangers of the drug.”

See more here.

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That is all for now. Get ready for another ZapTimes in a couple of weeks!

God bless you!


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