Introducing the Super Zappicator

Super ZappicatorThis week our good health news is the announcement of our NEW Super Zappicator. It has double the power of our Food Zappicator, and it extends the cleansing power of the zappicator to all parts of the body.

Why is this important, you ask? Read on for more!

UPDATE 2011: The Food Zappicator & Tooth Zappicator have both been superceded by the new, improved FreeCoil8 SuperZappicator. See the new Super Zappicator here! (with video)

The Super Zappicator Supercharges your Zapper


With the Super Zappicator, we now have a tool for the body areas of poor or no blood flow. These include:

  • the contents of the digestive tract
  • the mucous surfaces of the lungs and nasal sinuses, where bacteria multiply
  • the jawbones, which can harbor infections for years due to low blood flow

The Super Zappicator enables fast and easy cleansing action on ALL parts of the body, not just the parts with good blood flow. According to Dr. Hulda Clark’s latest research, the zapper (like our Professional Auto-Zap) works by activating your white blood cells (WBC’s) to aggressively “take out the trash” in your body, wherever the blood flows. Zapping from hand to hand activates your bloodstream and WBC’s, and they circulate throughout your tissues from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, removing parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses wherever they are.

BUT as Dr. Clark notes, the activated WBC’s cannot reach or cleanse areas of poor blood flow. These include the contents of the gut, the mucous surfaces of the lungs and sinuses, the inner parts of cells where candida can hide, tapeworm cysts in muscle, the jawbone, the testes, and the inner parts of the eyeball.

The Super Zappicator CAN reach these areas directly, because it is an electromagnetic ANTENNA for zapping power. In fact, it can reach about 10 inches deep (25 cm) into tissues, whether or not there is blood flow.

With the combination of the Professional Auto-Zap zapper and the Super Zappicator, you are equipped with the very latest in Dr. Hulda Clark technology. No diagnosis or tuning is required, and the application does not conflict with any other treatment you may wish to employ.

We have been testing prototype Super Zappicators for over a year with several practitioners, and a veterinarian, with very good results. Users have reported good results with digestive, lung, inflammation, dental and many other concerns. Like all of Dr. Clark’s methods, it is SAFE, and can be used together with other approaches without conflict.

Using the Super Zappicator is simplicity itself. Just plug it in to the red output jack on the Professional Auto-Zap zapper, and
place the smooth top surface against the area of concern for 20 to 30 minutes. It can be used as often as desired. Full instructions are sent with each unit.

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That’s all for now. We wish you the very best of life and health!

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