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Hello, ZapTimes friends!
Lyn and I get excited when we hear good reports of your adventures with Dr. Clark’s methods, and the Integrated Wellness System.  Just today we got a call from a very excited lady in her 80’s, whom we have known from Dr. Clark’s clinic since the 90’s. She said, “Oh! I have zapped a total of 15 minutes. I have been up since 4:00 am off and on, just as though I have had a huge Dr. Clark liver cleanse. I have passed absolutely millions of E. Recurvatum eggs. Oh! I am absolutely ecstatic at what this zapper does. You’re not advertising it the right way. Oh! – you have got something special, I’ll tell you.”

(Those who were at Dr. Clark’s clinic in the late 90’s will remember “Faith” for her Mason jar full of specimens passed after liver cleanses. These included a couple of creatures resembling garden snails complete with shells!)


We are trying something new. To help you get all you can from Dr. Clark’s work, we are planning conference calls with experts in the field of parasites, toxicity and testing. On Monday, December 13th, we are delighted to have the world’s #1 Syncrometer expert, Carmen Myers,  on the call Monday at 6:00 pm Pacific time (9:00 pm Eastern ).
Carmen taught thousands of people to use the Syncrometer at the Self Health school in Imperial Beach, and has been a dear friend for many years. Carmen will cover the theory and practice of Syncrometer testing, with practical details like how to make test samples of saliva and products for testing. To join the call, simply dial (661) 673-8600 and then enter the Access Code:
562125#  We are planning for a 30-minute call.  If you miss it, it will be recorded, and available later at  (661) 673-8609 by dialing  Access Code 562125#


Long-time customer Jack Armstrong wrote that his food lasts longer without getting moldy after zappication. Have any of you experienced the same thing?  Let us Know!

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Right now we have a promotion for the month of December, open only to those who are on the BLOG LIST!!!  On December 24th we will be holding a draw for an FC8 deluxe 8-magnet SuperZappicator and a surprise gift or two as well.  The lucky winner will be announced on the blog on Christmas Eve.  Pass this invitation to your friends, and all who want to get started with Dr. Clark’s health protocol.


Watch Arthur zappicating our son’s young puppy at home.  Easy and painless. If you save yourself even one vet bill, the Wellness System will have paid for itself!

For more than two decades, Dr. Hulda Clark researched simple ways to make food safer for her cancer patients.  In 2003 she published a new tool that seemed too good to be true. In only 15 minutes, it could neutralize parasites, bacteria and most viruses in food of all kinds.

It also worked against prions in meat, which have been linked to mad cow disease. Food allergens were defused. Even the chemicals that form the first three links in causing cancer became harmless when exposed to this completely safe device.

At we have spent 7 years perfecting Dr. Clark’s discovery.  See our new Zappicator video here.

New Video – What is a Hulda Clark Zappicator?

New Zappicator video on the Zappicator page. Check it out!

FREE FACELIFT KIT for Your AutoZap 5
Free Zapper Facelift Kit
If you have an AutoZap 5 zapper or Wellness System with black labels and white writing, we have a gift for you. The FaceLift Kit includes new color labels for your zapper and SuperZappicator, our new color instruction brochure for the AutoZap 5 Integrated Wellness System, and a new DVD. In the DVD, Arthur personally shows you how to use every piece of your new AutoZap 5 Integrated Wellness System for greatest benefit to your body, pets, food and family. To receive your free kit, please email us. Be sure to include your full postal address and telephone number. We will mail it to you at no charge.

NOTE:. This kit  is for the zapper, not for the owner. Apologies to all you lovely ladies who asked about the facelift kit for your faces. Arthur will definitely let you know if he ever he gets THAT working!

Best Zapper Q&A With Arthur

Q. Where can I use the zappicator?
A. It is safe to use the SuperZappicator anywhere: on the body. on pets, on teeth, on food.  Be creative. If it hurts, swells or complains, try placing the SuperZappicator on it for 30 minutes or even more. You can zappicate all day without fear of damaging anything. Remember: always place the smooth North pole side toward the body or food.

Read Our Mail

The Zapper is wonderful! I am really thrilled with it! I can’t wait for the results!  Janette W.

Dear Arthur, Thank you for your information. I believe that your products are constantly developing into the most sophisticated products on the market. I really enjoy not only your instruments, but also materials which I have received from you. Without your zapper, I would not be here… God bless you!  – Joe

Hi Mr. Doerksen! My father has one of your zappers and swears by it.  He’s spread the word and others have also gotten your zappers. He has faithfully followed Dr. Clark’s instructions and has gotten rid of a prostate cancer that was diagnosed as last stage cancer and inoperable. That was 7 years ago! Laura R.


That’s it till next time. Please remember the Reason for the Season, and God bless you and your family this Christmas!
Arthur & Lyn Doerksen