Dr. Hulda Clark’s Research and the Zapper

We receive many questions regarding the zapper and its method of action. This article will assume you’ve read our Zapper FAQ and want to know more.

Questions of the day:
How does the zapper work?
What makes the zapper more effective?

How does the Zapper work?

Dr. Clark has been kind enough to share her research and findings regarding the function of zappers with us. Contrary to popular belief, the zapper’s primary mode of operation is not to electrocute parasites (as hypothesized in Dr. Clark’s earliest publications) but rather, the zapper appears to stimulate the body’s own natural defenses.

The internet is full of confusing information based entirely upon Dr. Clark’s 1993 publication of “The Cure for All Cancers,” however, in recent years Dr. Clark has revised her position on key elements of the method by which the zapper operates. Zapping parasites does not directly affect the parasites themselves; instead, it acts positively upon the immune system, which then kills and eliminates the parasites.
An important point is that the method of action may be different from Dr. Clark’s original ideas, but the end result is the same.

In other words, Dr. Clark has discovered that the zapper hyper-activates your own immune system which can then take out the trash. Although the zapper can be seen to electrocute and disrupt the functioning of some parasitic organisms in a petri dish, different principles apply when the same zapper current is applied to a person.

Some findings have contributed to this change of position:

  • We have observed that people using the zapper do not need to take extra supplementation of intestinal flora or supportive bacteria such as acidophilus (though supplementation is often helpful, especially against candida!)
  • Large intestinal parasites (eg. Ascaris lumbricoides) do not respond to zapping treatment alone. Other treatment (eg. the herbal parasite cleanse) remains necessary
  • Frequency generators are not necessary, nor as effective as a zapper

As you probably know, various multiple-frequency zappers exist; some, like the DCRA’s Super Zapper Deluxe, VariGamma or VariZapper, offer pluggable modules to alter the frequency with “program driver” chips. The truth is, these are simply not necessary and often reduce the effectiveness of your zapping time.

Now, with the AutoZap 5, multiple frequencies are not necessary for maximum effect. Simply zap as directed in the instructions. You will receive all the benefits of the most powerful and accurate zapper available.

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