Zapper Question of the Day – Electrocuting Parasites

“Dear Arthur,
I read something the other day, it said:
If something as big as a man can be killed with a lot of electricity, then why would we not be able to kill a smaller parasite with a little electricity?

Basically what I want to know is, how can the zapper electrocute parasites and yet leave the human body unharmed?”

Zapping Isn’t “Electrocution”

The short answer: when a parasite is inside the human body it is often shielded against electrocution. For example, the power required to kill embedded intestinal parasites through electrocution is greater than the power required to kill the host (in this case, the human body) and that is why we don’t try to electrocute parasites when using the zapper.

It turns out that we cannot selectively electrocute parasites yet leave the host unharmed. That doesn’t mean we can’t kill them, however.

The good news: Dr. Clark’s research and thousands of testimonials have shown that the zapper effectively kills parasites. Clearly the zapper is a powerful tool, but it does not work as Dr. Hulda Clark initially hypothesized in 1995. It does not electrocute parasites directly.

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