the Zapper and AC Adapters – Question of the Day

Question: Where can I get an AC Adapter for my zapper?

The short answer: We don’t offer AC adapters and we recommend against them for the same reasons that Dr. Clark warns about.

We see several issues with AC adapters:

  1. AC adapters simply aren’t safe – there are many sound technical reasons for this, and Dr. Clark cautions against using an adapter for reasons of safety.
  2. AC adapters aren’t necessary. Imagine that your zapper could go for a year and a half, with a zapping session every single day, and you wouldn’t have to change the battery. With our AutoZap 5 zapper, that is the reality.
  3. Zapping should be convenient – why tether yourself to a wall outlet? 500 hours of zapping on a pair of AA batteries means that you don’t need to expose yourself to potential electrical hazard.

Remember, you zap to improve your health, not to endanger it.

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