Is Dr. Clark's Zapper Dangerous?Best Zapper Answers: Can an AC-powered Zapper Kill You?

With the recent proliferation of “zappers” that come with AC adapters, we’ve received this question from several concerned users.

Should you be concerned if your “zapper” connects to household mains for its power? The short answer is YES!

genuine Dr. Clark-style zapper will not use AC power, nor can it kill you.

However, there are many dangerous “zappers” out there! These devices are NOT zappers as defined by Dr. Clark.

  • any “zapper” that uses AC power has the potential to deliver a fatal shock to its user – regardless of claims to the contrary.

In fact, the “zappers” we have seen with AC power adapters require AC power simply because the outmoded circuitry inside is too inefficient to obtain reasonable battery life if powered safely by batteries. Instead of embarrassment at inferior design, these manufacturers resort to devious labeling to make the AC adapter look like a benefit. Don’t be fooled: it’s not.