Zapper Question of the Day – Pacemakers

Can I use the zapper if I have a pacemaker?

Best Zapper Answers: We have consulted with heart specialists, and the conclusion is that you must use the Zapper with foot-pads instead of the provided SuperStraps. As long as your zapper is connected to your feet, instead of your hands, it should not interfere with your pacemaker. The frequency will not interfere with normal pacing functions, and the electrical path between the electrodes will avoid the pacemaker region while using your zapper.

Nevertheless, you must use your own judgement and discretion if you have a pacemaker and choose to use a zapper.

Dr. Clark writes in her book, “The Cure for HIV and AIDS,” (page 505)
Do Not Zap If You Are Pregnant or Wearing a Pacemaker.
These situations have not been explored yet. Don’t do these experiments yourself. Children as young as eight months have been zapped with no noticeable ill effect. For them, you should weigh the possible benefits against the unknown risks.”

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