Zapper Instructions – Copper Handles

Zapper Instructions:

Using Copper Handholds with your Best Zapper

Note: these instructions depict our previous of zapper, the Auto-Zap Professional. The versatile and sturdy alligator clips enable our zappers (including the AutoZap 5 and AutoZap Professional) to use our SuperStraps. Alternatively, you may with to use your Zapper with copper pipe handles as shown.

Copper pipe handles are not included with the AutoZap 5 zapper.

1. Connect the Cables to the Zapper

Zapper with cables connected
Connect the black cables to your Auto-Zap as shown in the picture

2. Wrap the Copper Handles with paper towel

Zapper handhold lined up with paper towelRoll the copper tube in paper towelWrap the Copper Handle securelyTuck paper towel into ONE end of the copper tube
Wrap the handle with paper towel as shown. Tuck ONE end into the handle to secure it.

3. Connect the cables to your wrapped Copper Handles

Attach a clip to the wrapped tube so it touches copperThe clip will hold the un-tucked end of your paper towelThe finished clip looks like thisWrap both handles and connect to the zapper
Clip the cables to the copper tubes to ensure that the paper towel is clamped properly; make sure that the alligator jaws clip onto the end with no paper on the inside of the copper tube (as shown)

4. Moisten the paper towels in water as shown

Dip the handle into water as shownCapillary action will moisten the towel
Moisten the wrapped copper handles in fresh water (NOT SALT WATER) by dipping them half-way into a glass of water. If your glass is half full, the water will properly wet the top half by capillary action.

5. Zap! Now your handles are properly wrapped and moistened. Now you can use your zapper.

Hold the Handles and press the START button on your Auto-Zap.

When you press the START button, check that the TOP GREEN LIGHT is fully ON and lit green. A solid green TOP LIGHT indicates that the electrical connection is strong.

6. Hold the Handles during the ON cycle; you may release the Handles during the OFF cycle.

Observe your Auto-Zap during the ON cycle. Notice that the LOWER GREEN LIGHT is flashing quickly.

Between ON cycles, there is a REST cycle. During REST, the LOWER GREEN LIGHT blinks slowly.