Zapper Instructions – Footpads

Our brand new silicone footpads are here! Featuring low maintenance and hands-free convenience, these footpads are easy to use by following the instructions below.

Footpads for our zappers

Our new Silicone foot pads were initially developed for use at a standing desk. Zapping at your desk (whether you stand or sit) gives you the benefits of both saving time and a hands-free experience. They are perfect for travel with your Zapper.

The silicone is great for multiple users or families as the medical grade silicone strips can be washed and dried very quickly for the next user. We soon saw the advantages of adapting them for “leg zapping”. You place one contact at the bottom of your leg and the other one higher up on the same leg using a tensor bandage to keep the two silicone contacts in place. But at least it offers a new adaptation (option) for leg zapping.

Printed instructions are included with every set of silicone footpads for the AutoZap 5.

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