Written Zapper Instructions for the AutoZap Professional

Zapper Instructions

(for the Auto-Zap Professional, discontinued in 2008)

(for AutoZap 5 instructions, see here instead)

  1. The AutoZap™ must be connected before use. Your set includes a grey control box, two long wires (with plugs on one end and copper clips on the other), and two round copper pipe hand holds.
  2. Insert the round plugs on one end of the wires into the black and red jacks on the AutoZap™ box.
  3. Tear a piece of paper towel in two and roll up half around each pipe. Attach one clip to the end of each handhold: it will prevent the towel unwrapping. Make sure the copper clip firmly grips the metal inside the pipe. Quickly dip the hand holds half way into warm water and shake off excess water. This provides good conduction.
    Do NOT use salt!
  4. Push the START button on the control box to begin the cycle. There will be a long beep, and the lower light will begin to flash quickly. This indicates that the AutoZap™ is putting out pulses. The AutoZap tests the battery each time the START button is pushed, and will not start if the battery is low. If it does not start, replace the 9 volt battery on the back. Press your thumbs down firmly on the rough area on the battery door, then slide it out.
  5. Grasp the handholds firmly. The upper light will glow brightly if the connection is good. If it does not light, check the connections, and make sure the clip touches metal inside each handhold. If it is dim, moisten the paper towel a bit more, grasp the handholds firmly and it should brighten.
  6. After seven minutes, the unit will give a short beep, the flash rate will slow to about one flash per second, and the upper light will go out. This shows that the unit is timing a 21 minute rest period. No pulses are produced during this time. Lay down the handholds during rest period.
  7. After the rest period the unit will give a long beep, and fast flashes resume for seven more minutes of pulse output. Pick up the hand holds again at the long beep.
  8. This is followed by a second 21 minute rest and a final seven minute pulse period. The AutoZap™ will shut off automatically after the last pulse output period. The full cycle takes 63 minutes.


You may use foot pads with your AutoZap™, instead of the handholds. Foot pads are pieces of aluminum kitchen foil about 4″ x 12″ (100 mm x 300 mm). I usually fold the foil double, starting with an 8” x 12” piece. Stainless steel, aluminum, copper or brass sheet metal in 24-28 gauge (0.5 mm) also work well.

Place the foot pads side by side, not touching each other, on a waterproof surface (a plastic bag or old dish drainer is fine) or the floor. Attach one copper clip to each pad. Fold two squares of paper towel in half. Put one folded square on each pad, and dampen each with a teaspoon of warm water. Place your feet on top and press Start. The cycle proceeds as usual, with your hands free.

Hint – use foot pads while at your computer or TV: the time will fly.

Foot pads can also be used with pets. Simply place the footpads on a waterproof surface, and dampen the paper towel on each footpad. Then lay the pet across both footpads so that the haunches are over one pad and the forelegs are over the other pad. Press the Start button, and check the top green light to make sure it is brightly lit. If it is not glowing, check that the wires and copper clips are firmly connected. If they are, and the light is still out, try dampening the pads with more warm water. Some pets with long fur are harder to connect with. Call if you have problems.


We will provide an RMA number and return instructions to make the return process as painless & efficient as possible.

Our Returns Policy: http://bestzapper.com/returns-policy/

Returns/Repairs Instructions: http://bestzapper.com/return-instructions/

Your AutoZap™ is covered by a 5 year parts and labor warranty. Please do not open the unit or get it wet. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Contact us for cheerful service.

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