Dr. Clark’s Zappicators

What is a Zappicator?

The Zappicators are accessories designed specifically to work with the Zapper. They can affect food, teeth and more – read about the Zappicator and its power, or see our videos to learn more.

The difference between the Zapper and the Zappicator

As you can see, the Zapper and Zappicator work together in complementary fashion, which is why we offer them together in a special package we call the Best Zapper Integrated Wellness System. If you would prefer to have TWO Zappicators at an additional savings, you can see the Integrated Wellness System PLUS at the Zapper Store.

We currently offer the new FreeCoil SuperZappicators which replaces both the Tooth Zappicator and Food Zappicator models.

To learn more about the FreeCoil SuperZappicator please visit the FreeCoil SuperZappicator product page.